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Prepping For a Teen Driver at AutoInsurance.com #Compare2Win #shop #cbias

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Oftentimes I don't want to admit it, but it really is getting time for Lynzie to start learning to drive! Here in Arkansas, she can get her learners permit at 14---a year younger than Oregon. Jamie just bought a little Prius to commute in a couple weeks ago, but I think Lynzie has plans on taking it over! We've had a few discussions the last couple weeks about the responsibilities of driving. Things like staying off the phone, focusing on the road and not conversation, and making sure to carry good car insurance, are all important parts of Lynzie growing into a responsible teen driver.

At this point, she's pretty intimidated about driving the gigantic 15-passenger van, (not sure there's enough insurance out there to cover the possibilities...) but she thinks the Prius is just the right size for her. We do too, and we want to make sure we've got the right insurance to cover anything that might come up.

I've been spending some time comparing rates on AutoInsurance.com. It's a new site that is not affiliated with any particular insurance company---it's unbiased and is a neat way to compare coverage options. Right now, it's only fully functional in the following states: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

It's fun to change up the different coverage options to see how you can get your best rate---without feeling the pressure and intimidation of a salesman sitting across the table. To get started, you enter some information about yourself, and the site will pull up the vehicles you own. 

You just need to verify that it's all correct and then fill in a couple answers toward the bottom of the page. You'll then continue on to another page that will pull up your current insurance coverage. You'll be able to either use these amounts or you can change amounts and coverage options in order to compare your current coverage with other companies the site accesses.

Once you've decided on your amounts, you continue on to a screen that gives you several coverage amount options. You can click the gray tabs to go between different coverage and payment options. As you do, you'll see your coverage summary on the right change to match the plans. This shot shows the quotes for the coverage options I chose.

Here are my minimum coverage amounts. The site offered me quotes from two companies that I'm not yet familiar with, so I'll check these out and see what local friends think about them. 

Autoinsurance.com also has what I call the "fun page". This page, Auto Insurance 101, answers lots of questions and is really easy to navigate. I especially like the section at the bottom for finding out local information and laws for each state.

I think Jamie is looking forward to this whole teen driving thing a little more than I am. It must be a dad thing because the only part of all of this that has been fun for me, so far, is playing around on the website. Ha! My favorite thing about the site is that I can do my own research and comparing before ever talking to an agent. In fact, I don't have to talk to an agent at all, if I don't want to! I can purchase coverage when I'm finished comparing and do the whole thing online or over the phone. It's not that I'm antisocial or anything...just a little busy raising teens!

Visit AutoInsurance.com to discover your own rate options. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. It is hard to believe that my first little grandbaby is old enough to drive!

  2. I'd be scared to drive the van, too! I have a Civic. The other week my sister asked me to move her Tahoe and I was scared the entire time! #client


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