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Commercial Break Snacks & Games with MARS Candy #Chocolate4TheWin #shop #cbias

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Football season is upon us so it's time to start planning some great snacks and entertainment for game night fun! I've got a few ideas to keep your get-together lively during commercial breaks and half time, along with a super simple dessert recipe featuring chocolate candy bars.

This past Friday, some of the kids and I were running errands while the older girls were at ballet. My boys had never been in Sam's Club before and I had time to stop, so I took them in with me to grab some party snacks and other groceries. It was definitely a Mommy of the Year experience, as they oohed and aahhed over all the awesome stuff. Michael thought it was pretty awesome that I took them straight to the candy aisle and grabbed this big ol' 48-count box of SNICKERS®.

I was even more awesome as we went around the corner and picked up a 105-count variety bag of candy bars. Just to dispel any ideas you may have about me keeping this bag in the cupboard and making it last over a few weeks or so...

Yeah. This is what the bag looks like at the end of the weekend in a house with nine children and a dad. Of course, I'm not to blame for any of this. Moving on...

Part of putting on a fun football night party is keeping the guests excited and energized. Here are some ideas for games that can be played in under five minutes, making them perfect for filling in commercial breaks or half-time.

The Right and Left Game. Make up a story using the words "right" and "left" as much as possible. (Ex: I left my house and headed to Larry Left's for the big game. Unfortunately, I left my phone right on the kitchen counter. I turned around and drove right back to grab it from the place I left it....") Give a candy bar to one person and begin reading the story. Every time you say, "left" or "right", the bar is passed that direction. When the game comes back on, the person with the candy bar keeps it.

Candy Bar Towers: You've only got the time it takes for the game to come back on to build the highest candy bar tower. Last one standing wins!

Football Flash Trivia: The hostess calls out a question and the first person to shout out the answer gets a candy bar thrown at them.

Here's the kids' idea of the perfect commercial break game: SNICKERS® box football:

Finally, if you don't happen to have nine children to split 105 candy bars between, hold a "guess the amount" game at the end of the party. The person who comes closest to guessing the number of candy bars in the bowl takes them home!

Here's a simple and sweet dessert recipe for your snack table: Sweet Apple Slices.

Just spread half an apple with your favorite nut spread (we used chocolate hazelnut and peanut butter) and top with chopped up candy bars. This is also good with cheese on top, believe it or not!

What party plans do you have for this year's football season?


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