Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Survived Ballet Night, Thanks to Snapple® #teastraightup #ad #cbias

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As much as I really want to be that mom who is super attentive to every little thing her child says and does, who never forgets to write down the funny kid-ism that she doesn't want to forget, who always has her kids' hair and clothes arranged just perfectly before going out, I'm finding that to be pretty much impossible. There's not enough of me to be that---I don't think anyone can be.

For years, I've avoided being the Mom Taxi. Partly because our life was already so busy that I didn't want to add a bunch more things into it and partly because we didn't want to do anything outside the house unless we could do it as a family. Now that our kids range in age from teen down to toddler, we're finding that not everyone has a place in things like ballet or Bible quiz team. Jamie and I are doing pretty good tag-teaming the taxi thing, but I'm finding that I'm not so opposed to my kids getting their driving licenses anymore...

Tuesday and Thursday nights are ballet nights for us. Tuesdays it's just Lynzie so I take her to class and then spend the evening somewhere with wifi, writing and having a quiet dinner or tea. Thursdays it's all three girls and I've got just enough time in the afternoon to pop dinner in the oven for the rest of the family before we race out to be gone from late afternoon through well past dinner time. While I usually pack them pb&j and some trail mix, I never get around to making myself something to take along and, by the time we're half way through practice, I'm feeling pretty wiped out!

This is why I'm super excited about Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea in the new plastic bottle. I love buying drinks in bottles because they're so handy to just stick in my purse. Paired with my favorite flavor of Kellogg's® Nutrigrain® bar, strawberry, it's a great snack to tide me over while the girls are practicing.

I found Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea at Walmart in the self check out aisle on top of the cooler of cold drinks. 

See more reasons to love Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea on the Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea social hub. You can make sure the product is available at your Walmart and download a coupon for your next Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea purchase.

There are three levels of sweetness---Unsweetened, Sorta Sweet, and Sweet---but you know I love the sweetest Sweet the best! With a real brewed tea taste, you can pick your sweet and enjoy on the go. 

In addition to being great snacks for ballet night, I'm thinking I could store some tea and cereal bars in my car for spring flea marketing days. I never want to stop to eat when I'm hopping from shop to shop so these would be great to keep around for my weekend thrifting get-aways!

Do you ever find yourself too busy to grab something to eat? Tell me about it in the comments below!


  1. You are making me thirsty. I like the sweet also! I laughed at you asleep in the van!

  2. I am a cold tea drinker. I love most any kind. I have enjoyed this brand a long time. However, still like to brew it. You amaze me all that you do and seem to still make itl work. Rest and enjoy your time now and then tho. We all need our space.


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