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Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cupcakes #snacktalk #ad #cbias

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It's that time of year when everyone is celebrating the big basketball event and looking for a fun snack to take to a game day party. These Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cupcakes, made with REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups and REESE'S Pieces are a fun and unique treat to serve friends---party day or not! When you're pressed for time, here's a simple way of making game time extra special. Since they're done in stages, you can do a little at a time and finish up just before time to serve.

A couple weeks ago, a few of the kids and I shopped Walmart for some REESE'S candy for the recipe. They thought it was pretty awesome that mom was doing a recipe that needed two kinds of candy---but were a little put out with me that I wouldn't tell them what it was. 

These ice cream cupcakes really have no cake at all---just ice cream, candy, and whipped topping. Your guests will be surprised by the peanut butter cup at the bottom---just like my kids were when I served them after dinner tonight!

The ingredient list includes a container of chocolate ice cream, whipped topping, Hershey's chocolate syrup, REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, and REESE'S Pieces.

Start off by placing one peanut butter cup inside each of 12 cupcake liners inside a muffin tin. It's best to use a foil liner with a parchment insert so nothing leaks through when you add the softened ice cream. Tip: if you'll be serving these to young kids, use a butter knife to cut the peanut butter cups into a few pieces inside the liners. It will make it easier for them to eat the freezer-hardened candy.

Next place a scoop of softened ice cream inside each liner and spread it around with the back of a spoon. Your ice cream should be soft enough that some can run down in between the peanut butter cup and the liner. Don't worry about making it pretty...you'll do pretty later. Place the tin in the freezer and let it harden for at least an hour.

After the ice cream has hardened at least an hour, pipe the whipped topping onto the tops of the cupcakes and freeze again for at least an hour.

Once you are ready to serve, sprinkle the tops with chopped REESE'S Pieces and drizzle on some Hershey's syrup. Serve these to be eaten with a spoon, straight from the liner. Delicious!

Look at these handsome dudes! I went in their room this afternoon to see if they wanted to help me with photos and they were all dressed up. Apparently, they wanted to surprise me by dressing nicely for dinner. So sweet! I felt badly that I ruined their surprise---but not badly enough to give them their cupcakes early. They only got to stand here and model this one for a minute before it went back into the freezer for dessert time!

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Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Cupcakes

12 REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups, unwrapped
4-5 cups chocolate ice cream, softened
12 oz. whipped topping
1 cup REESE'S Pieces, chopped
1 cup Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Place one peanut butter cup in each of 12 parchment-lined foil cupcake liners and set inside a muffin tin. Place one scoop of chocolate ice cream into each liner and smooth down with the back of a spoon. Freeze at least one hour. Remove from freezer and pipe whipped topping on top of each cupcake. Freeze at least one more hour. Remove from freezer and sprinkle with chopped REESE'S Pieces. Drizzle with chocolate syrup and serve with a spoon.

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  1. You are killing me here! I want these now!

  2. You've officially killed my diet! These look amazing....

  3. This is my husbands dream come true!! Pinning..I can't wait to surprise him!! :)

    Brenley @spoonsofgrace

  4. Oh yumm!!! My kids would absolutely love these (and I think they look pretty tasty, too!! I love that your boys got dressed up for you--so cute! #client


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