Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce for the Freezer

Hi Everyone! My mom is guest posting today with some tips I gave her on making homemade pasta sauce. Enjoy!

A few years ago my daughter taught me how to make homemade pasta sauce from my extra tomatoes from harvest. Since then, each fall I make a batch and now I am pleased to say, we never waste those precious ripe tomatoes!

First, wash and stem tomatoes. Then, cut in large pieces and place in a large pot. Cook on the stove top with salt until they are soft and falling apart, (approx 2 hours). I add salt, but you could also add Italian seasoning. Cool and freeze. My daughter stores her sauce in quart size zip lock bags so they lay flat in her freezer.

When thawed, squish them in the bag with your hands, then pour in a pot and add seasonings, meat, veggies, and more for a great pasta sauce. You can use it on something yummy like this One Pot Spaghetti.

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