Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Regency Dresses and Homemade Caramels and Preparing for England 2016! #janeaustenfestival2016

Welcome to the Homemaking Party! As I promised yesterday, I've got a few updates to share with you about my upcoming trip to England. If you missed my post from yesterday, be sure to check it out and see some of the highlights from last year's visit to the Jane Austen's House Museum.

Last week I worked on this pretty coral dress and finished it Sunday afternoon. I'm considering wearing it for the Grand Regency Costumed Promenade, along with an open robe I made last year from a sari a friend brought me from India.

 But then there's this pretty flowered material that I cut out today! I'll be working on this day dress this week and am adding a couple extra touches to it, inspired by Jennifer Ehle's Elizabeth Bennett.

In addition to dress-making, I've been making caramels to sell to friends to earn some spending money. Sales are going well so far---they're always a hit! Here's a link if you'd like to order: Caramels from my Etsy shop.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful week! Thanks for stopping by The Homemaking Party!


  1. Sarah, your dress is perfect! If only I could go, I'd want you to make one just like it (love coral!) for me. Can't wait to hear all about it. Thank you for hosting.

  2. You are so sweet to share this link up each week. I think your caramels look delicious, and what a nice presentation! I'll bet you look lovely in your dress. Won't you dress up for us and show and tell? What a blessed privilege to go to England again. I'm truly happy for you!

    Be blessed my blog friend, perhaps one day we will arrange a meeting.

    Laura Lane
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. Your dress looks so pretty! You are going to have a great trip. I hope you send me a postcard! (smiles)

  4. I'm so excited for your trip and this wonderful experience! I've really enjoyed following your posts on Facebook and look forward to seeing this visit through your eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome Sarah! Your going back to England again! Can't wait to see your pretty dress! THanks for hosting!

  6. I am domestically challenged (so I won't be linking up very much) but wanted to let you know I enjoyed your post. Wonderful dress and my mouth is watering looking at those caramels!

    Also just wanted to say I feel a lot better about the upcoming election this year having seen that graphic in your sidebar. I even pinned it. :O)

  7. Yum. Your caramels look delicious. Thanks for the party. Best wishes, Darlene


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