Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Homemaking Party: Our Valentine Celebration and Homeschool Biography Share

Welcome to The Homemaking Party! 
Our family had such a sweet celebration last night. We started by exchanging Valentines and ended with the six oldest reading the biography essays they'd been working on for a month!
Brenna was the first to pass out her Valentine cards. She had one envelope in front of her at the table. When Daddy called on her to hand it out, she started hysterically cracking up and said, "I made one for myself!" Ha!!! We all got a really good laugh and enjoyed watching her open her present to herself!

Cainan made each of us a neat pop-up card.

The kids all pitched in and made this sweet gift basket for me. I love it! They made the rosebud stems with Hershey's Kisses.

The kids made this gift basket for Jamie. So special!

The three older boys surprised Lynzie with a bouquet of Kisses roses stuck in a Parmesan cheese can. Sweet brothers!

My oldest son, Michael, bought me this festive mug and chocolate rose.

Daughter Selah made me this special craft. If you look closely, you can see a little face made with beads inside the bow.

Jamie bought me this pretty box of chocolates.Whitman's are my favorite!

After all the kids handed out their Valentines, Daddy had a special treat for them too! Each year, he picks out something for each of them. This year they each got their own pretty box of chocolates. 

My mom sent special cards, too. This was mine. I used to collect frogs in high school so she sent me a cute frog button.

After we exchanged gifts, the six oldest kids read their biographical essays that they'd been working on for the last few weeks. They all did really well! Michael talked about Amelia Earhart, Avalon---L. Frank Baum, Cainan---Harry Houdini, Lynzie---Albert Einstein, Selah---Steve Jobs, and Elisha talked about Mohammed Ali.

We run our school year differently from most. We usually start mid-January and school until mid-October, so the kids are just getting started. I'm planning to have a presentation night once a week where the kids can read essays or book reports or present other projects they've completed. Looking forward to a great year ahead!

This article was featured in Issue #131 of The Christian Home Magazine.


  1. What a blessed family life you have girl. You all shine so bright. Thank you for the link up today.

  2. What a lovely family time making memories and sharing tokens of your love one for another. Precious deposits in your children's hearts. God bless!

  3. Mrs. Coller,
    You have such a beautiful blog!!! Thank you for allowing me to participate!

    Mrs. U

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time. We had a houseful of teen and young adult girls. Emily and Amy hostessed for girls without boyfriends. ~smile~

  5. Hello. Thank you for the party and for hosting us again.

  6. Sarah, what a lovely family you have. And I love the variety of subjects the children chose for their biography essays!

  7. What cute kids Sarah! I love that Brenna made her own Valentine. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. That is so cute your daughter made a valentine for herself! What a cutie. You have many valentine blessings around this table. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  9. Your school year sounds interesting. What a blessed mama you are! Your husband too.


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