Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dear Christmas Mothers -- Inspiring Letters to Homemakers -- Book Review and a Giveaway!

Good Morning Ladies! Hope you're all having a happy week so far. I spent yesterday decorating for Christmas, reading, and just relaxing after a week of celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and my father. He started back to Oregon yesterday morning---please pray with me for his safe return home.

Last week I enjoyed reading through this new publication from The Legacy of Home Press, Dear Christmas Mothers by Mrs. Connie Hultquist. My dear friend, homemaking mentor, and fellow blogger, Mrs. Sharon White, let me know about the book and sent me a copy for review. 

In Dear Christmas Mothers, Mrs. Hultquist shares holiday letters she wrote in the early 2000s, encouraging homemakers to make a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas for their families. She gives  ideas to make one's home cozy on a very limited budget and offers a couple recipes for favorite treats.

The book is "written as spoken" and that's part of the charm. The very informal style of the letters allows the reader to imagine she's chatting at a cozy coffee table with a friend.

A favorite theme of the book is the call to Christian homemakers to create a sense of community and mentorship. The importance of mentorship has been revealed to me in so many ways this last year that I can't help believing God is leading me into a season of more opportunities to bless the lives of the women around me. I'm excited about that! Here is a favorite quote regarding our Titus 2 calling:

"We ain't supernatural. We can't make things happen. But we can stand with our arms raised up like Moses so that God can defeat the army against us. Just stand, dear saints, with arms lifted to Jesus, for in Him comes your help...and when your arms feel tired, let the saints come along and help you hold up your arms of faith." (Dear Christmas Mothers, pg. 67)

I hope you'll check out Dear Christmas Mothers on Amazon.com, as well as the other publications from The Legacy of Home Press. I've been blessed by each of the homemaking resources Mrs. White has offered the past few years. I know you will be, too!

The author is giving away one free copy of Dear Christmas Mothers to one of my readers. To win, simply leave a comment telling me something about your Christmas homemaking plans for this season. Giveaway ends Saturday December 8.


  1. Hopefully this isn’t a duplicate but I think it ate my first comment when I logged into my google account. :)

    Our family has had a hard year and I’d really like to make this holiday season extra special because I really think we all need it. We need to bond as a family again.

  2. Our Christmas will be simply an old fashion one...Christmas Eve family service, open one gift. Christmas day a simple breakfast and reading the Bible and opening gifts and then a nice Christmas lunch with rest of family

  3. Unfortunately, I work retail, so my X-mas plans are what they are every year, which is to work 60 hour work weeks. It's a mixed blessing in that the extra hours of overtime pay enable me to buy presents for the family, but the holiday season is the time of the year when I see my children the least :( Hopefully, when we are out of debt from our student loans, this will change.

  4. Sounds like a great book!

    I love to decorate for Christmas, so that would have to be a big part of my plan this year. My daughter and I had our "annual craft day" this past Saturday and painted some signs on wood that I can't wait to display. Next event will be our baking day which is always a lot of fun. (It's such a blessing that my daughter has now become a dear friend.)

    One of my big goals during my Christmas break is to (1) get my recipes organized and work on my menu plans and (2) to dust off my daily chores list and start using again. :-)

  5. I'm all about the food this year,more homemade goodness!Were also focusing more on homemade decorations and traditions.Making sure that we keep Jesus the focus and having a simple old fashioned kinda christmas!Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to receive a copy of Dear Christmas Mothers. I have been steadily adding to my collection of books from Mrs. White, and they truly are inspiring and a wonderful addition to my personal library.I will be focusing on the True Meaning of Christmas this year. Having lost our firstborn grandson in June to suicide at 16, my world has been upside down. Holidays this year are heartbreaking..to see the empty chair at Thanksgiving...and to know THAT is what is to be from now on... My faith in God's grace, love and peace is where I find strength and courage to face each day. For THAT I am grateful and blessed. I find spreading love and kindness is a spirit lifter, and everyone likes to be treated kindly and loved. A blessed Christmas to you and your family Mrs. Collier.

  7. Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful book...I love Connie! We will be having all of our children & grands here for a big breakfast ...18 of us in all...can't wait! God bless you & yours.
    Kay W.

  8. I would love to learn more ways to make the holiday season more memorable in a limited budget. We usually do advent study and bake cookies for the neighbors as a way to spread the Gospel in our community. I would love to own this book. Blessings

  9. I just love the beauty of this book and it looks just perfect for Christmas. A part of our Christmas that is always a tradition is to bake cookies and give them away to neighbors and friends. We always make special cookies that we only bake at Christmastime...and of course, we keep some for ourselves too, usually to enjoy for dessert on Christmas Day and as part of our New Year's Eve traditions. Such fun!

    Thank you for sharing this book with your readers...warm blessings to you!

  10. Hi Friend Sarah!
    I'm keeping everything very simple this year. Fewer gifts, simpler food, lots of music, and hopefully laughter, too.
    Be blessed,
    love to you,

  11. Simple. That is what we are doing this year. We are trying to stay well so we can go see my parents. We missed last year and the year before due to being sick with something or another. We miss that when we can't go because it is like our family reunion with that side of the family.


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