Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Tea Party with My Girls and a Pretty Flower Craft

Earlier this year, Jamie and I took a 21st anniversary trip to England. It was so fun to show him around some of my favorite places. We visited Bath and Winchester---which you all know are old favorites of mine; and Salisbury, which was new to us both. Along the way, I picked up a few fun things to enjoy in a summertime tea party with my girls. God has blessed us with five fabulous daughters---I'm so thankful! 

I'd been saving this pretty jar of Sarahbeth's Orange Apricot Marmalade since receiving it from a dear family friend in the Spring. My name is Sarah Elizabeth so this was a special gift in a couple of ways. I'd also saved out three pretty tea cup and saucer sets from some things my Mom gave me and passed them down to my three youngest girls who'd not yet received their own set from me. This one with the pretty wild blossoms went to Brenna, my six year old.

Our party gave me the chance to use some gifts I'd received over the year, like this hot air balloon teapot and wildflower pot from Jamie. My mom gave me the flowered dish, and Jamie picked up this delicious summer tea blend from Gillards in Bath. It smells just like a strawberry Starburst---ha!

I made several  yummy tea treats like this Victoria Sponge and some small scones and sandwiches. Jamie had bought me a tin of shortbread cookies at Marks and Spencer in Winchester so I served them from the top of the tier. I also took the opportunity to use some of the vintage cutlery my great grandmother saved for me and shared some of my memories of her with the girls during our chat time. 

I also made my signature Cucumber Flowers---a family favorite! 

After we snacked and chatted, I shared a little flower craft with the girls. 

After cutting tissue paper squares, I showed them out to wrap them around the end of a pencil to form a flower bud.

We drew branches on a sheet of cardstock paper and glued the buds to the branches.

I made a special memory branch and had each of the girls write their names on it. Now it's hanging in my library. I love it!

The season is changing and summer will probably be gone by this time next week. (Oh Lord, please!! Ha!) I'm happy we made some fun memories over the season!

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  1. Your tea table looks so inviting and beautiful! I love all your treasures. Your girls are so very blessed to have such a wonderful tea party with you! God bless you all!

    1. Thank you, Mrs. White! We did have a lovely time!

  2. What treasured memories and family time. If only, there were more people like you and family. I like the quilt hanging on the wall at the end of the table. I have so many hand made and hope my family will enjoy them when I am gone. You do not blog much, but always nice when you do.

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! Yes, I'm in a pretty busy season of life with all these kids growing up and going their own ways. I think I'll do a little life update post here soon for those of you who have been watching these guys and gals growing up over the years! I do miss regularly blogging...hopefully I can be more consistent this season! Hope you are happy and well!

  3. I am writing through happy tears. I am so glad you are enjoying the special things God has blessed you with. I love you all, from mom.

  4. You truly have been blessed with 5 beautiful daughters, I must admit I envy you for being able to have such a lovely tea party. I always wanted a huge family but was only blessed with one son and he is 36, he doesn't want to have a tea party with his mother anymore. Just was so pleased to just read your story.

  5. Your girls are adorable! What a fabulous tea party!

  6. Oh, how I love this post. What a lovely tea party - and such lovely little ladies. I have to try some of these wonderful ideas. Would you please share your scone recipe with us?

  7. P.S. Please, please, pretty please do a post about your trip to England. I do so want to go there one day. (I've read all of your past posts about your trips and I love them) Blessings to you and yours.


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