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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Cleaning with Starbucks and the Walmart Bakery #DeliciousPairings

"Spring cleaning" actually takes place about once every three months at our house.  With a family of 11, I'm sure you can imagine how fast the clutter piles up!  It's definitely not a job that can completed in one day---it actually requires a bit of planning.

Sometimes, when I'm faced with a not-so-fun task, I have to psych myself up for it by creating a welcoming atmosphere.  A hot drink in a pretty cup and a yummy treat on a vintage plate usually helps set a relaxing tone and gets me in the mood to make my home a little more homey.

Starbucks has a great line of coffees out, specially blended to compliment many of the flavors found in our favorite coffee-time treats.  I found the Starbucks Medium Breakfast Blend in my Walmart's bakery section.  Check out your local Walmart to choose a tasty blend.

The Starbucks Medium Breakfast Blend features notes that compliment the tastes of nuts, apples, blueberries and lemon.

Tonight, I paired this blend with the Apple Turnovers from the Walmart Bakery. I needed a sweet treat while perusing this Spring Cleaning Checklist that Melanie at Only a Breath designed.

Visiting a Starbucks shop is a real treat for my husband and I, and one that doesn't happen as often as we'd like.  That's why we're thrilled that we can find Starbucks brand coffees and hot chocolate mixes at Walmart.  We can enjoy a quality hot drink on a budget that works well for us.

We both tried the coffee and treat together and thought they complimented one another well.  Before sampling the apple turnover, we tried the coffee---a flavor we'd never had before.  We liked the smooth texture and thought it was not as bitter as lighter blends we've tried.

When enjoying them together, we found that the taste of the coffee was different as the complimentary notes were enhanced by the flavor of the apples.  It was a very nice pairing.

Planning for spring cleaning is sure to go much more smoothly with a yummy treat to enjoy!

For more information visit: 
Starbucks on Twitter and Facebook
Walmart on Twitter and Facebook

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kleenex Softness Worth Sharing #SharetheSoft #CBias

According to Kleenex®, hands are "only as clean as the towel used to wash them."  Isn't that the truth?  When Lynzie and I went shopping for Kleenex® Hand Towels at Walmart today, we were on a mission to find a few items to help prevent germs in our home this flu and cold season.  You can read more about our shopping trip in my Google+ album.
Unfortunately, our store did not carry the bundle packs we were looking for, but we did find this pretty box of hand towels very easily.  While we're not going to be able to afford disposable hand towels on a regular basis for this family of 11, it's good to know we have this easy option during a time of year when illnesses spread easily.
Kleenex® Hand Towels are great for the kitchen, utility room, and bathroom, but I think we'll use ours in the bathroom most often.  We don't have anywhere to keep the box in the kitchen or utility room but it looks great on our bathroom counter!

In addition to our hand towels, Lynzie and I picked up a few more things to help fight the battle of the bacteria in our home.
One of the very best things we can do to fight germs is to use a good hand soap regularly.  We chose one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.
Old shower curtains harbor a lot of bacteria so we bought a new pretty one for Spring.
It's also important that our cleaning tools are in good shape.  I use a new toilet brush every time I clean the toilet.  At less than $1 each, this is an expense I'm willing to deal with for the sake of keeping things less germy.
Kleenex® has been a trusted brand for me as long as I can remember.  I rely on the good quality, affordable price, and large selection of products Kleenex® provides.  I'm glad to know there's a trusted alternative to bacteria-friendly cloth towels when I'm worried about germs being spread in my home.

Connect with Kleenex®:

Kleenex® at Walmart
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Kleenex® on Facebook

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Delicious Pairings with Starbucks and Walmart

Yesterday, I invited a few family members to a little book party I put together.  I had the opportunity to sample Starbucks' Willow Blonde Blend coffee, and Walmart's Lemon Sliced Loaf Cake, and wanted to see what the others thought about them.

My husband and I both frequent our town's Starbucks retail store and he regularly drinks Starbucks brand coffee at home.  He prefers flavored coffees like carmel and vanilla. I was curious what he'd think of the Willow Blonde Blend, as it features complimentary notes of citrus flavor.  I wondered if he, as well as my other guests, would be able to pick up on them with the addition of the Lemon Sliced Loaf Cake---a citrus-flavored treat.
Before the party, I shopped for the coffee at Walmart.  They have a special display in the bakery section featuring certain coffees that are meant to compliment the flavors found in some of Walmart's baked items.  I didn't have a hard time finding the display, but it was up a little highI think I would have preferred it at eye-level since there are several things to read on it.  I knew where to find the cake as I'd seen it before when shopping, but never would have thought to pair it with the coffee.  It was three aisles over from this display so the intended pairing wasn't obvious.
Jamie brews a great pot of coffee!
When it was time for me to try the coffee and cake, I was surprised by the bold flavor of the coffee.  I assumed, as did my guests later on, that a "blonde" blend would be lighter in flavor.  Instead, it was surprisingly rich.  We were not at all disappointed by the quality of the coffee.  One of my guests later commented on the lack of bitter aftertaste that she was used to in other coffees she'd tried.  Starbucks proved, once again, to be our favorite brand.
Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the lemon cake.  The lemon flavor in the cake was barely detectable, which made it difficult to pick out the citrus notes in the coffee.  The cake had more of a buttery flavor and was fairly dry---even though it looked moist in the package.
My guests were also not able to detect the citrus notes in the coffee.  We all agreed the cake changed it's taste, making it lighter and sweeter.  We found ourselves wishing we had something with a stronger lemon flavor to try out.  Since we knew the citrus flavors were there in the coffee, we were curious to experience them!  
After our taste-testing experiment, we took turns sharing book reviews.  Mom talked about a story of a princess that she's enjoying and I received applause for finishing Little Women.
We all really enjoyed our time together, sharing good books and treats.  Maybe we'll pick another #DeliciousPairings combination a couple months from now and do it again!

For more information visit: 
Starbucks on Twitter and Facebook
Walmart on Twitter and Facebook

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Elmer's Painters Paint Markers Canvas Shoes Project #CBias #SocialFabric

Sometimes it's fun to relive our best childhood memories through the eyes of our own kids.  I had that chance today!
This afternoon, Lynzie and I took the opportunity to try out Elmer's Painters Paint Markers. Recently, I was thinking back on when I was about her age and how I'd always love to decorate inexpensive canvas shoes from Payless. (We didn't have a Walmart back in those days!) I'd use puffy paints and buttons and make some really cute creations. They'd often end up being too stiff to actually wear, but the fun was in the creating!
I thought Lynzie would have a good time with them too, so I took her to Walmart this afternoon to pick out her supplies. I had been wanting to try out Elmer's Painters Paint Markers, but when I went to look for them in their usual spot, I found that Walmart was clearancing them out.
Luckily, we found some really cute colors on the clearance rack.  Lynzie chose a pack of pastels and an individual gold marker.
When we got to the shoe aisle, we were a little worried because the kind we needed was just about cleared out!  We did, however, find her size!  After that, we shopped for some shoes for Elisha and birthday presents for Liam.  He'll be 2 on Saturday!
When we got home and got all the presents hidden, Lynzie assembled her supplies and got to work.
She removed the laces to get them out of the way, and I primed all of the markers.  I just needed to press each one down on a piece of paper until the paint flowed freely into the tip.  I explained to Lynzie how easy it was to get the paint flowing again if the tip needed a refill. 
She's so creative that she just began and didn't stop until they were adorable.  She even did the laces!
I was really impressed with how quickly the acrylic paint dried and how it didn't affect the flexibility of the shoes at all.  I just think these are the cutest things!  They remind me of Punky Brewster!
Oh yeah, and Mr. Almost Two asked me to include a picture of his foot as well!  Adorable!
To learn more about Elmer's products, visit:

Elmer's Website
Elmer's on Twitter
Elmer's on Facebook

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