Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Frazzled Friday

Last Friday morning, I was chatting on Facebook for a minute while the kids finished up their morning chores.  I saw all these posts about Good Friday---"Oh yeah," I remembered.  

I wanted to stop a minute and pray and thank God.  I put my hands over my face for a little quiet time and immediately someone said, "what's wrong mom?"  

I looked up to find five faces staring at me.  

Frustrated, I shot off some comment about not having even a quiet minute to pray.  Everyone scattered back to their busyness and I sat there feeling horrible.

Isn't this what Jesus came for, after all?  To show compassion.  To teach us how to stop in the middle of whatever we're doing and make sure our brother or sister, who appears to be hurting, is taken care of and lifted up.  To forgive jerk moms like me who should have spent time in prayer before her kids got up. Moms who should not have had to have been reminded about the significance of the day by Facebook.

There were really only two choices for me.  I could have let the guilt eat at me and let me feel like a failure the rest of the day, or I could have done what I chose to do instead.  I took a deep breath, shot up a little "mind prayer" of thankfulness, and apologized to my kids.

So thankful God gives grace to the humble...and the humiliated!  

This article was featured in The Christian Home magazine, Issue #107.

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  1. AMEN to that!!! I have often wallowed in my guilt and made a bad situation worse. Love your honest heart!

  2. We all have been in a similar situation. Thank you for being real!How you chose to handle it made it all ok! I am Thankful we have such a forgiving God and that children have forgiving hearts!

  3. A real life situation that turned into some very thoughtful, prayerful moments for you and some very important lessons for your children and you. Food for thought for all of us. Thank you.

  4. don't let the "should haves" get to you. God used the precise moment in time that made the most impact on your heart!

  5. Grace is His specialty. Over and over He showers me with it.

  6. We have all been there. I am sure I have learned more about my sinful nature through being a mom

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