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Speed Up Your Shopping Trip with Walmart's Scan & Go App #shop #cbias

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Have you heard about Walmart's Scan & Go app? If not, you are going to love this! Our Walmart was swamped yesterday, as it is most weekends when people are out stocking their cupboards for the upcoming week. I'd already picked up my groceries a few days earlier, so I was just stopping by to grab a couple things I'd need for this cute wooden spool necklace I wanted to make. Thankfully, I'd just been introduced to the new Scan & Go app, and was able to speed past the long checkout lines. Since I spent less than a minute checking out my own purchases, I even helped move things along faster for those in the self-checkout area.

The Scan & Go feature is part of the Walmart app available on iPhone or Android. To get started, you'll need to download it. There are so many things you can do with this app to really enhance your Walmart experience and make shopping more convenient. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time playing around with it. 

Once you've got it on your device, head to Walmart! When you enter the store, open up the app and it will recognize that you're in a Walmart. If your Walmart offers the scan and go feature, you'll see the speeding shopping cart icon with the option to shop using Scan & Go. Tap on the orange button that says, "Flip to Store Mode".

Once I had my phone in store mode, I headed to the beading aisle to find some trinkets to go on my necklace. I had the basic supplies at home, wire, buttons, and the spool, but I needed some cute things to dress it up---along with a long chain. I've walked through this aisle dozens of times, admiring all the gorgeous beads and charms, so I knew I'd be able to find something that was just perfect for me!

Since my phone was in store mode, the option to scan was displayed at the bottom right of the screen. I was excited to grab something and try it out! By the way, don't you love how there's a weekly ad right there handy? 

When you're ready to scan your item, just hit that "scan" button and your phone will switch into camera mode. Position the product's bar code inside the guide marks on the screen. When the camera focuses in, it will quickly read the code and your item will be added to the app's cart.

You'll be able to view your cart after every scan. That way, you can see how much you're spending, as the estimated (pre-tax) total is displayed at the bottom left of the screen. This is such a great tool for helping me stay on budget---especially when I'm buying a bunch of non-essentials before tackling the mandatory part of my grocery list! (Surely I'm not the only one who browses through the aisles, gathering fun stuff before the food and cleaning supplies?) 

Once you've scanned your item, you can bag it right there in your cart and then move on to the next thing on your list. Before I left home, I grabbed a handful of sacks and stuck them in my purse. You can grab a few from the self-checkout area before you start shopping, or bring your own cloth or plastic bags from home. 

After I'd picked out a couple more crafting items, as well as some ingredients for rootbeer floats (yes!!), it was time to check out. I headed to the self checkout area and found an available register. I tapped on the orange button at the bottom of my screen that said, "Check Out".  

 Then I tapped the "Transfer Scan & Go" button on the register's screen. 

 The register screen prompted me to scan the code on the screen with my phone. I also had the option to tap in the mobile basket number displayed for me below the square code.

In seconds, the register screen displayed everything I had scanned and gave me my total with tax. All I had to do was hit, "Finish & Pay", swipe my card, and go. Can you believe that? Even though our family is pretty tech savvy, this really impressed me! I was already loving the self check out option that our store in Oregon did not have. Now I love my Bentonville store even more! Check out this list of stores that are offering this app and see if yours is on the list.

 Once my phone confirmed that I'd checked out, I was given the option to view my receipt and register for eReceipts to have all future receipts sent to my phone. After that, I was ready to head home and create my necklace---and charge my dying phone! (Note: make sure to charge your phone before leaving home if you plan to play around with the app the whole time you shop!)

This evening, Jamie took the kids to church and I stayed home to make my necklace. It was super easy to put together and my new charms, beads, and chain worked out perfectly. With the Scan & Go app, I'm not so nervous about stopping in for a few quick supplies---even on the busiest weekends!

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  1. Thanks for the good tips, I needed them, and the necklace is adorable!

  2. I've never heard of this! Neat concept. I especially like that it keeps a tally of how much you're spending.

    1. That's really helpful to me...I have a tendency to freak out and not buy extras for fear of going over. Then, when I'm all done getting groceries, I always wish I would have picked up those fun things!


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