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Walgreens: The One Stop Shop for Women's Health Needs #HerHealth #shop #cbias

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This last year has been really eye-opening for me. I feel like I'm getting really old really fast! At 34, I thought I'd be in my prime, but I feel like it's the beginning of my downward spiral into old-ladyhood! As I've been working on a new normal when it comes to healthy habits lately, I've been shopping Walgreens for products that help me feel my best.

In all seriousness, I have noticed the past couple years that I really do need to work harder to take care of myself. I want to keep myself energetic and able to fulfill all my responsibilities as a wife and a mother. No more going out without makeup on---instead of that youthful glow, I've got that sleepy mama look! No more eating all the junk food I want late into the night---now I've got to be careful what snacks I have and how much time I give myself for digestion before laying down, lest I wake up sick to my stomach! I really wish there was a "what to expect when you turn 30" manual out there. 

Three things that have really helped me wake up feeling good are: taking a probiotic every evening before I go to bed, using a quality foot and hand cream, and washing all my makeup off with a good face wash and makeup remover. 

I've recently discovered probiotic supplements and am surprised (and thrilled) by how well I'm responding to them. It's one of those things I didn't know I needed until I tried it. In addition to probiotics, I take certain vitamins to help me feel energetic. B-Complex is something else I discovered by accident, but it really helps with energy levels. I also take a prenatal vitamin every night---expecting or not.

Walgreens has several options of probiotics to choose from. I've only tried the Insync brand, but there are a couple others here, including a great deal on the store brand.

Our Walgreens' selection of vitamins is fantastic! They were having a great sale yesterday afternoon when Lynzie and I went in. I appreciate that they offer products like this that are both convenient and affordable. This is just a small sampling of the massive aisle of vitamin choices Walgreens has to offer.

I'm really not particular about what I use to wash my face. In fact, I often just use soap and water. Sometimes it's fun to get a special face wash, though. I hadn't tried out this lemon and orange scrub yet, so I picked it up yesterday when I was in the store. 

The St. Ives scrubs came with a 2,000 points offer for Balance Rewards members. I love how Walgreens offers this great rewards program to their customers. It makes me want to continue shopping there so I can build up my points! It was fun shopping for my face wash, as St. Ives was a brand I used in high school. I also noticed the Noxzema and Sea Breeze---and reminisced on my awkward preteen years. Ha!

After washing off my makeup each night, I use eye makeup remover to get off all that mascara and eye liner. I usually buy the store brand remover---or just use petroleum jelly.

My last step (get it?) before bed time is to put on this wonderful foot cream that my daughter Lynzie read about in a magazine and found for me to try out. I absolutely love O'Keefe's. It works wonders on callused feet. You just rub it on parts of your feet that need to be healed and then put on socks so it doesn't all come off at night. 

Walgreens has an enormous selection of foot care stuff! This wall is packed with everything from socks to insoles to creams to sprays. You will have happy happy happy feet once you're finished shopping this part of the store!

Next time you're in Walgreens, look for this purple end cap that says, "Women's Health". You'll find a selection of helpful products, as well as some tips for a healthy body and a sound mind. What tips do you have to promote Women's Health? Do you have any healthy habits or nighttime rituals that help improve the quality of your mornings?



  1. This looks like some great ideas for Health and beauty products! I am glad you are taking care of yourself. You will be glad when you are 60 that you did!

  2. I have been trying to get better about taking care of my skin before I get into bed at night. I have sensitive eyes, so using a gentle eye makeup remover really helps me out in the morning so I don't wake up with super red, itchy eyes. I'm also low on B12, but do you think I can remember to take it every day? Of course not. I should put it by my sink in the morning so I remember to take it when I reach for my pre-breakfast 32oz glass of water. PS: You're not reaching the old lady years yet. You're beautiful. Embrace it. :) #client


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