Monday, August 25, 2014

Raspberry Razorback Lemonade for Game Day #TeamJello #shop #cbias

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I've had my eye on these university-themed Jell-O mold kits for several weeks now and am so glad I snagged one for our game day food table! I had so much fun making little hog-shaped Jigglers, as well as some awesome raspberry Razorback cubes for lemonade. I came up with a great technique to get perfectly-shaped cubes and I'm sharing it here so you can do some of your own. 

I definitely learned my lesson about waiting until the last minute on stuff like this. Once I was ready to buy my kit, I looked all over Northwest Arkansas, but hog fans had already snatched them all up! Luckily, I found a few left at a Missouri Walmart, just over the border. Woo Hoo! Thanks for showing some dual-state loyalty in Jane, Missouri!

Jell-O made molds for 20 university teams, so be sure to find out if your favorite team can be represented in Jell-O, too. You can find them in their respective universities communities, or check out Walmart.com for a coupon and a bigger selection.

This is our first summer in Arkansas and we've just been having such a blast getting into the spirit of all it means to be Arkansans. (Even though I haven't yet learned how to say, "Arkansan"...) I thought these hog molds would just be so fun for celebrating our local team. 

To make this easy raspberry drink, first mix up a pitcher of lemonade. Set aside 1/3 c. and put the pitcher in the fridge.

Wash 6 oz. raspberries and crush in a bowl with a fork. Then add the 1/3 c. lemonade and stir.

Pour the raspberry and lemonade mixture into a clean, dry Jell-O mold. Use a spatula to evenly fill each spot, but don't worry if there's a little overflow. It's really easy to scrape the excess off the top before popping out your frozen hogs. Freeze for several hours, until firm. They'll pop right out of the tray like ice cubes and you can float them in your lemonade.

Look how awesome that turned out! I surprised even myself on that one! Adding the lemonade to the raspberry mix helped fill in all the fine details of the mold to give me the perfect Razorback shape. Totally love this.

Once all my little hogs were frozen, I served Jamie and I some raspberry lemonade and Jell-O Jigglers. This is definitely the most redneck thing I've done yet; but hey, I'm an Arkansan now! Woo Pig Sooie!

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  1. Fun, love it... we need a duck mold.

    1. They did do one for U of O! You could make limeade!

  2. We don't have a sports team, but I recently bought some Lego molds from Amazon (bricks and mini figures). I'll have to see if Eli would like to make Jello Legos! :) Sounds like fun.

  3. Using the Jell-O Molds for fruit cubes is a great idea!! #client


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