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A Pedigree Dog Food Treat for Mr. Darcy @SamsClub #PedigreeGives #Cbias #shop

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Look at that mutt! Ahh...he grows on me a little more every year. Yep, Mr. Darcy is back on the blog today, sporting his 1993 middle school kid hair cut and a cheesy grin, to tell you all about Pedigree Dog Food and how you can support Pet Adopt Month this October.

Yesterday, I took all nine of my kids to Sam's Club---the only store in town big enough for us all to walk down the aisles together without being in anyone's way. We were on the hunt for some Pedigree dog food for Mr. Darcy and found a good deal on this case of 30 cans. For less than $17, we picked up 30 cans of Pedigree Choice Cuts. These are big cans too---each one will feed Mr. D for four or five days.

This is a great time to stock up on Pedigree at Sam's Club because, through the month of October, they'll donate one bowl of dog food to a shelter for every Pedigree product purchased at Sam's.

Not knowing about this great deal at Sam's Club, I usually buy him dry food and canned food is reserved for a treat. This morning I set out a can too see how he'd react. He sniffed around a minute and then laid down, happily waiting for me to open it up. That is, until O'Neill came along. Remember him? He's our cat we adopted from a pet shelter about six years ago. While he was very gracious to welcome Mr. Darcy to the neighborhood a couple years later, he still feels a little left out if the Yorkshire Terrorist gets something he doesn't.

I suppose it was sort of rotten of me to open this up outside where O'Neill could get a good, meaty whiff of the beef and gravy. I guess I'll need to pick him up some yummy gravyish cat food next time I'm out. Feeding our pets nutritious meals is important to us. We want them to live long healthy lives so they can continue to chase off mice, bugs, and scary intruders. Plus, like I said, we kind of like them---even if some of us (ahem.) were adamantly against pets to begin with. These Choice Cuts are meaty, moist, and great for Mr. D's skin and coat.

Here's where he gets the goods! Seriously, I did not see this dog's face the entire time he was devouring his lunch. Would it be weird to say I was kind of jealous that he got meat and gravy while I boycotted PB&J and skipped lunch? Yeah, probably. I won't go there. 

Look at that face! In the time it took me to wrap up the can and stick it in the fridge, he had licked the bowl clean. I didn't give in to the pout then, but now that I'm writing this, I feel bad. I think I'll go give him some more now, poor guy! 

Do you have a great pet adoption story? Share it in the comments---I'd love to hear about your favorite pets.

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  1. I just keep picturing that tiny dog surrounded by 9 kids. He must be one tough little guy. #client

  2. I am happy Mr. Darcy has good food!


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