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Building the Columbia River Highway {Book Giveaway & Review}

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I love to read about interesting things in history, and it's even more fun to read about places I'm familiar with. What's most fun of all, though, is when I read something written by someone I know! It's easy to put a real voice to the narrative---just like my friend is reading to me from miles away! Today I'm sharing a great book with you, Building the Columbia River Highway: They Said It Couldn't Be Done by Peg Willis. I'm even giving away a FREE COPY in a worldwide giveaway, so make sure to check out the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win. If you just can't wait to get your hands on the book, you can purchase one in my Etsy shop.

Book Description: An Artist's Dream, an Engineer's Nightmare. When nine-hundred-foot ice age floods carved the Columbia River Gorge through the Cascade Mountains to the sea, little space was left for man to form a highway of his own. It took an artist-poet-engineer extraordinaire to conquer this reluctant piece of real estate and produce the nation's first scenic highway. Meet Sam Hill, the mover and shaker, and Samuel Lancaster, the polio survivor, who turned modern engineering on its ear to create a "poem in stone." Today, Oregon's historic Columbia River Highway is hidden among the trees, where it meanders past spectacular waterfalls and dramatic views. Ride along with Peg Willis as she explores the beginnings of this miracle highway and the men who created it.

My Thoughts: Building the Columbia River Highway tells the story of one of my favorite places on Earth---the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge. Unless you've actually been there, it's hard to imagine how amazing it really is, but Peg does a great job in getting you close. Up until this past year, I'd lived my entire life within 2-20 minutes of the Columbia River and spent months' worth of hours fishing, boating, swimming, and driving in this beautiful area. Even so, there was great info in Peg's book that I wasn't aware of.

I love how Peg discusses obvious geological events, like the ice age and floods, while staying true to her Creationist point of view and giving glory to God all the way. Thanks for helping us Christians to look intelligent! Building the Columbia River Highway is an excellent resource for homeschoolers, history buffs, and anyone interested in the further settling of the West.

Now it's time to win your own copy! This one's open to readers worldwide! a Rafflecopter giveaway Linking with:


  1. By far my fave link up - are we in the same time zone? Mountain? I find I miss so many of them!!

  2. Building the Columbia River Highway looks like an interesting book.

  3. Looks like a great book! Thanks for hosting!

  4. Peg lives down the street from me... I have not read this yet. Would love to win a copy!

  5. Thank you for the party! Awesome giveaway - I've driven the Columbia so many times, I've lost track .. beautiful area :)

  6. Sounds like a great book! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

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  8. It sounds like a good read. Thank you for hosting. Blessings.

  9. Have a Happy Halloween! Thanks for hosting!


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