Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Party Game and Activity Ideas #LittlestPetShop #birthday #crafts

Last week, Selah hosted a Littlest Pet Shop party. We had yummy snacks and played some great games! Make sure to check out our Littlest Pet Shop Party Snacks post, as well!

We came up with a couple of fun games. The first was Musical Paw Prints. Special guest, Blythe Baxter, (aka Lynzie) made these adorable paw print pieces and arranged them in a circle on the floor.

I found the Littlest Pet Shop theme song on YouTube and played it as the kids walked from paw print to paw print. When I hit pause, they all had to stop on a print. As the game went on, we took away one print at a time, so that the person who didn't find a print when the music stopped was out. The last person standing on a print was the winner!

Our second game was, Penny Ling Says. We found this image of Penny Ling online and made a badge that the "caller" could wear during the game.

The caller pretended to be Penny Ling and called out commands to the group saying, "Penny Ling says _____."

The kids were full of giggles as "Penny Ling" told them to do silly things like balance on one foot or touch their noses to the floor. It was a fun way to celebrate in true Pet Shop style!

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