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Stocking Up For Sick Days at Sam's Club #SimplyHealthy #shop #cbias

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As much as I love the cold weather, it's also the start of flu season and that is not fun. In our family, sickness never seems to hit us all at once. Instead, it attacks just a few of us at a time---which has its pros and cons. While it's nice that there are still a few unaffected to help those who are down, it also means that sickness stays around the house for a long time. Luckily, there are some things I can do to prepare for the sick season---like stocking up on essentials at Sam's Club.

In addition to the common flu go to items like tea, soup, and lots and lots of tissues, I also like to stock up on a few fun things to help the invalids pass the time and maybe get their minds off their ailments a bit. Last week, I went to Sam's Club and picked out a couple things to set aside for when the sickness hits our house. One thing I picked up was a new movie for the kids. They love the Barbie fairy tale series---and so do I!

A great resource for tips on keeping your home healthy is Sam's Club's Healthy Living Made Simple online magazine. This month they've got an article on flu vaccines that some readers may find helpful. Sam's Club's pharmacy offers flu vaccines, so make sure to contact them for immunization schedules if this is something you desire for your family. 

You can read the article online or download the app to your iPhone or iPad.

I love shopping at Sam's Club because it's the one place I can take all my kids and not feel like we're hogging the aisle! Plus, my kids love all the big boxes and cans of things. It's a great place for big families to do their weekly shopping and for smaller families to stock up on all the essentials---like over the counter products for flu season. You can shop for cough, cold, and flu medicine, as well as visit the pharmacy for prescription refills and flu vaccines. 

Most everyone has a medicine cabinet that they keep stocked with syrups, pills, and first aid supplies, but how many people have a cabinet stocked with toys, craft items, and snuggly blankets---all set aside for sick days? An available shelf or basket in your home is a great place to hide away a few fun things to surprise your kids with when they're feeling down. I remember my mom sometimes pulling color books or snacks out of nowhere when I was a kid. When I was really little, I really did think she was magic! I think she just had a secret stash of fun stuff that she set aside for a time when my brother and I needed a little extra love.

Books they haven't seen in awhile are great to pull out on a sick day, as well as things they don't use often like markers and special stickers.

A new movie is always a treat when your little one doesn't feel like leaving the couch. Coupled with a snuggly blanket, it can make all the difference in raising their spirits. What kinds of things do you do to make flu season more bearable for your family?

Please note: The opinions on immunizations expressed in any of the articles linked here are not necessarily my own. However, I do wish to provide this information to my readers, should you choose to seek vaccinations for your family.


  1. Thanks for the great tips! I'm sure my kids would love a treat bag for a picker upper. My oldest is getting his tonsils out next week, I'm going to have to go to Sam's to get him a new movie for while he's recovering. I'm sure they will have plenty of jello and ice pops too! :D

  2. You are such a good mom. Great ideas for the little sickies to take their minds off the pain.

  3. I love the stash of items you have for sick days! I always stock up on medicine at Sam's Club, but getting a couple of movies is brilliant! #client


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