Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Homemaking Party: The Beginning and End of Fall

Welcome to the Homemaking Party! Wow---before I could even do this fall season justice on the blog, it's already come and just about gone! We're supposed to be hit with our first Arctic Blast next week---sounds like Gatorade, but nope---it's code word for COLD!!!

Time to stock my cupboards and prepare for the inevitable snowing-in! Last winter, Jamie worked from home just as much as he went in, due to yucko roads. That's really not so bad...

Thanks for linking up at the Homemaking Party! 


  1. Hello sweet lady! Thank you hosting such a fantastic party. I love stopping by. I hope you get a chance to swing our party. We would really appreciate it. http://loulougirls.blogspot.com
    Happy Wednesday! Lou Lou Girls

  2. Maybe you should stock up on gatorade also! ;) Stay warm!

  3. Thanks Sarah! Have a great week!

  4. Such gorgeous pictures of the fall leaves...this is my favorite time of year. Thank you for hosting the link up!

    Blessings - Julie

  5. Good evening, Sarah! Thank you for hosting this great blog party! Isn't it strange how quickly autumn has arrived this year? My goodness, it's almost gone! I love your pictures of autumn leaves. Have a wonderful Thursday!

  6. Sounds like hunker-down time for you, milady! Hope there's plenty of tea and blankets for cozy. Glad you captured those stunning fall images to delight your readers. Thanks for hosting!


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