Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to Organize Homeschool Notebooks with Scotch® Tape #SchoolYearReady #Ad #cbias

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I've loved the beginning of the school year my whole life. Not only was I a social butterfly who couldn't wait to see her friends again, I also loved picking out new school supplies. The feeling of a freshly sharpened pencil on a newly opened notebook. Aaahhh!! I remember just sitting contemplating what would be my first words put down in a new "spiral". I wanted them to be profound, but they were usually something more like, "Dear Carrie (BFF), How's it goin'? Good here." I still love new school supplies---especially if they're cute! Last weekend, I hit Walmart for some new things for our homeschool and found some great products from Scotch® Tape.

When I was a kid, I loved to do art projects. All. Day. Long. These usually involved lots of tape and I remember my mom having a green plaid roll just like this one in her desk drawer. My kids are the same way now and there's usually several rolls stashed in my desk drawers for them. That's why I bought myself a super cute pink tape dispenser. They'll have their green rolls of Scotch® Magic™ Tape in the drawer and I'll have my dispenser on top---and a hands-off rule!

Even though we're not starting our lessons until after my England trip in mid-September, I'm still taking some time to prepare so it's not so overwhelming when I get home. Today I'm sharing the really easy way I keep multiple kids' notebooks organized, making my night time reviewing and correcting time super simple. I've been using this method for a long time. It's fast and inexpensive. All you need is a notebook, scissors, tape, a pen, and some sturdy paper like card stock.

I shopped for Scotch® Magic™ Tape at Walmart in the shipping supplies section. Since I have Etsy and eBay stores, I visit this section a lot to grab the things I'll need for mailing my sales. There's a large selection of Scotch® products here--great for home and homeschool.

One of my biggest issues with reviewing and correcting my kids' work is that I have a difficult time telling their handwriting apart. They write their names on the fronts of their notebooks, but I don't want to be flipping around the book when I'm just trying to go through them really quick. So, I make tabs that stick out the sides of the notebooks that indicate their names and the subject. It makes it easy for them to find their books in a large pile, as well.

I begin by cutting a piece of card stock to measure 2"x4". 

Then I fold it in half, open it up, and write the child's name on each side.

Finally, I tape each side down to the cover of the notebook.

Voila! Super easy and a huge time saver! What are some of your easy homeschooling hacks? Let me know and visit the 3M Social Hub for more great uses for Scotch® Magic™Tape.

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  1. Love this! It's so simple but I can see how it would save a ton of time hunting through and trying to figure out where the notebook you need to look over is! ~ Client


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