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Organizing a Homemaking Notebook #EraseStress #Ad #cbias

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My family loves to tease me about my obsessive tendencies regarding schedules. Even (waaaay back) when we only had a couple of kids, I was really strict about meal and bed times. In my opinion, everything runs better on a schedule. I'm definitely the queen of organizational systems and even if most of them don't actually get implemented how I imagined them, even the smallest amount of planning and prep goes a long way. I love to use different colored pens when writing out my schedules. This helps to keep me on track, but the downside is that pen isn't as easily corrected as pencil. With Pilot's FriXion Erasable Pens, I can organize my notebooks and charts how I like without having to worry about messy scribbles.

I like to keep a homemaking notebook---something to keep all my important daily notes and tasks in one place. As time goes on, this will serve as a record of my years at home with young children, chronically many of our special memories and reminding me how I did certain things. I have it set up like a student's binder with tabs for easy reference and a zippered pouch to hold my pens, crayons, and other necessities. 

Last weekend, I took Selah and Lynzie (AKA: Link) out to do errands with me. We stopped in at Target to grab a package of red, blue, and black FriXion Erasable Gel Pens. I love using gel pens and the fact that they erase completely is a huge bonus. They can even be removed from fabric so I don't have to worry about messes in my purse or the pocket of my apron. There's even an upcoming deal for them, only at Target. August 23-29, save 20% off 3 packs of FriXion clicker pens in assorted and black varieties.

I like to create "at a glance" calendars to hang near my desk where I work and make additions and changes to our schedule. I use the red pen to write in activities for which we need to leave the house and the blue pen for activities that we'll stay home for. This helps keep me from overlapping activities during times that we'll need a grown up at home to watch the littlest kids.

A second place I use a color-coded system is on my daily menu plan. The blue ink indicates items that are in the freezer and will need to be thawed ahead of time. The red ink is for things that go in the slow cooker and will need to be prepared first thing in the morning. The black ink is for things that can be made shortly before meal time. I'm notorious for having a great dinner idea, only to find that I'd forgotten to thaw it out so this solution works great for me!

Thirdly, I use a color-coded system for the kids' school work. Red ink means they need to deal with things they've done previously like correct assignments from the day before or reread chapters. The blue ink gives them their assignments for the day and the black ink designates notes I've left them and want them to acknowledge. I'm now up to six kids doing daily homeschooling assignments so this system helps keep things organized and moving steadily for all of us. 

Besides all the great ways these pens help me stay organized, there's an even better perk to purchasing them. With each purchase of Pilot's FriXion Erasable pens, you can help Pilot support STOMP Out Bullying programs to erase negative bullying behaviors and replace them with productive solutions.
Through 2016, Pilot will be making a minimum of a $125,000 donation to STOMP Out Bullying. STOMP Out Bullying, the leading national bullying and cyberbullying prevention organization, helps build awareness and funds educational programs designed to reduce bullying in schools across the nation.

Let me know how you keep yourself organized for a smoothly running home. I'd also love to hear if you give FriXion Erasable Gel pens a try.


  1. I love FriXion pens. I have the fine point, extra fine point, and highlighter sets. Great review! I was especially delighted to know they are making such a big donation to stop bullying. It's a issue close to my heart.

  2. I love how you used FriXion pens not only to organize school-related items but also for meal-planning. I really need to work on that so I can feel more organized when this school year begins! #client


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