Sunday, September 13, 2015

Injured Man -- Guest Post

Lynzie and I are gone to England so my friends are running the show! I'm so excited to welcome my friend Nahria as a guest blogger today! Nahria lives in Indonesia and has been an online friend for several years.

Have any of you ever seen that American legal comedy-drama television series? If I'm not mistaken this drama was started way back in 1997, way back when I was still in college!

Would you stop if you see an injured man? Maybe that's the moral of the story from one of the episodes in Ally McBeal I watched years ago. Ally became one of the bridesmaids of the daughter that her firm represented. The wedding started normally, until the moment the priest took the bride and groom's vows...

Suddenly Ally cut in and said, "May I speak to the bride first?"  Everybody in the church was stunned but Ally is Ally with her "be yourself" attitude, and she insisted to speak with the bride.
Then she and the bride-to-be entered a room and Ally started to talk saying, "I have met with the groom before and he is a great lover but he doesn't know how to touch a woman." (a.k.a abusive) Just that. The bride, being told like that by Ally, just kept quiet and went back out to the church saying, "I'm sorry, but the wedding is off."

The church audience were shocked, then looked at Ally with their, "it's-your-fault" look.
Later on, her colleagues asked her why did she even do that. Ally just answered, "will you stop if you see an injured man?"

Well...it goes the same with life, doesn't it?

Most of the time we just keep quiet when faced with a moral issue. From small things like seeing people throw something out of their cars or seeing old people trying to cross the road to big things like (maybe) not paying your credit card bills or watching someone you love get bullied.
The question is: why we don't speak up? Why won't we stop if we see an injured man?

What if "the injured man" is us? 

That is something we need to think about, isn't it?  

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