Monday, November 23, 2015

IDO3D Art for a Snowy Day Kids' Activity

My kids were pretty excited to see this IDO3D art set show up on the porch today. While it's a new-to-me product, the kids knew what it was and thought they'd accidentally stumbled on a Christmas present! IDO3D is a pen and ink set that allows the user to draw a picture and then cure it to form a 3D object. If your child enjoys creative projects, this might be a good set to try out. 

Begin by drawing or tracing the parts to your object. We started with a simple flower. We drew the main part of the flower, a separate stem, and separate flower pot parts.

We used the IDO3D spotlight to harden the ink. 

Once all the pieces were drawn and hardened, we used spots of ink to stick the pieces together and hardened them to make a 3D shape.

Here's our flower pot. Pretty cute!

IDO3D has been ranked among the top 10 toys. Check it out on Amazon for a unique holiday gift idea or rainy day activity for kids.

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