Monday, November 30, 2015

Antique Louisa May Alcott Books & Planning My Winter Reading

Thanks so much for stopping by Vintage Show & Tell! I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! We had a lovely Thanksgiving and have been enjoying a four day weekend with Daddy home. I love it when my husband gets time off work and we can have fun family time!

Today I'm featuring two of my special treasures: my Louisa May Alcott books that my husband bought for me a few Christmas's ago. The holiday season inspires me to read great Christmas classics and while only a portion of Little Women takes place during Christmas, it's still one of my favorites that I read every other year.

My mother first introduced me to Little Women when I was a little girl and she's been a favorite author since. Imagine my surprise and complete delight when my husband surprised me with these two antique editions of Under the Lilacs and Jo's Boys.

This version of Under the Lilacs was published in 1898 and the edition of Jo's Boys was put out a year later in 1899. I love the pretty flowery designs along the cover and spine. Inside each book, opposite the title page, is an illustration.

Jo's Boys features a sculpted profile of Alcott with her signature and Under the Lilacs has a picture of characters Ben and Sancho from the story.

I love to collect old books and imagine where they may have come from. Inside the cover of Under the Lilacs is a stamp which reads: "Chester Thorn, Agt., The Saturday Evening Post, 24 East Taylor Street, Kokomo Ind." Inside Jo's Boys the following is written in beautiful calligraphic handwriting: "Thula May Faulkners Book, 1901".

Rereading old favorites is a comforting way to spend a winter---I'm really looking forward to revisiting Little Women, Wuthering Heights, A Christmas Carol, Nathaniel Hawthorne's stories, and more. What do you have on your winter reading list? Linking with: These great parties...


  1. Sarah,
    lovely books and what treasures!!
    Thanks so much for the party!!


  2. I love Louisa May Alcott's books. I was so happy to visit her home this summer. Happy reading.
    The books are wonderful.

  3. I love your books! Sometimes I buy books just for their covers. Those are precious. Thank you for hosting! I always like reading a good book this time of year. Not sure what it will be yet but not a modern novel.

  4. I'll have to make up a list and come back to share. I love old books like that!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  5. I love old books. I have heard of those novels but not read them..


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