Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Homeschool Co-op Spring Party featuring Toddler Crafts and Games! #GerberLilBeanies #ad

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Last week we gathered with our homeschool co-op for a spring party. Everyone brought food, games, and crafts to share, so Brenna took the opportunity to introduce her friends to new Gerber Lil' Beanies snacks. Bean snacks? Yes---and the kids loved them!

Lil Beanies are toddler-sized snacks that are perfect for ages 18-48 months (although they'd be great for a grade school kid's lunch plate, too). They're made with navy beans and rice flour and come in two flavors: Original (Sea Salt) and White Cheddar & Broccoli.  These healthy, tasty and fun snacks contain no GMOs or artificial flavors and preservatives. Per serving, they contain 2g of protein and 1g fiber, making them the perfect fuel for lots of great play dates and kids' activities.  They were just right for our fun day!

After snack time, the kids went outside to play games. There were relays and contests of skill---even some balloon fun! It was great to have a beautiful sunny day to enjoy with our friends.

After outside games, we came back into the gym for some fun crafts. These kids grabbed a can of Lil Beanies to munch on while they colored. Even Miss Connie got to try one---and she liked it! I'm not a plate "cleaner upper" but if you are, you're in luck---adults like them too!

Brenna and her friends made magnetic clips for hanging artwork on the fridge. They started by coloring a little chick that I'd copied onto card stock and cut out ahead of time.

Then they glued clothespins to the back of the chick. I'd already adhered a small magnet to the pin with hot glue. Once the glue dried, they were ready to take their creations home.

I think these girls would agree that our spring party was a hit! Lots of fun games, crafts, and great snacks, like Lil' Beanies, made for a special day full of happy memories.

You can find Lil' Beanies at Walmart near the toddler foods in the toddler/baby care section. With an affordable price and a convenient location, you can't go wrong giving them a try!


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