Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Michael's Mission Trip to Ecuador

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Homemaking Party!

I'm super excited tonight to let you know about Michael's upcoming missions trip to Ecuador. Michael is our 14 year old, oldest son. He's such a great guy. He's got a heart for children and his main ministry goal is to be an encouragement to others.

Here's a message from Michael:

"In June 2016, I'll be traveling to Ecuador with a team from my church to show love to orphans and handicapped children. Opportunities to minister include construction projects, children's Bible club, intercity missions, and village outreach. 

Please consider helping me raise funds to cover my travel costs. I am also willing to do yard and house work locally. Thank you for your support and prayers."

If you'd like to support Michael's travel expenses, you can donate at his GoFundMe page.

Thanks for stopping by The Homemaking Party! Have a beautiful week!


  1. How exciting!! I hope Michael has an amazing mission trip, full of growth and purpose. :)

  2. Thank you for hosting us. You have a great son.

  3. Thankyou Sarah. You must be very proud of your handsome and caring son. It's always a joy and a pleasure to come and visit with my new friends here. Love, Mimi xxx

  4. Sarah, thank you so much for hosting! Sending blessings to your son!

  5. Good luck on your mission, Michael...Christine

  6. Thanks so much for the party. My first time here.

    Anne xx


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