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Weight Loss Giveaway Game

September 13, 2011

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When I lose, YOU could win!

Now that Kynthia is 6 weeks old, it's time for me to crack down on the weight loss issue!  Gotta try and lose some of this baby weight before the next baby comes along...Ha! 

I thought I'd try something fun to motivate me to keep working at it.  I love to create little things here and there, but sometimes have a hard time finding an occasion.  So...I'm going to offer a giveaway gift every time I lose 5 pounds!  Here's how it will work:

*Visitors (that's you!) will leave comments on THIS POST.  

*Whenever I lose another 5 pounds, I'll draw a number and the corresponding commenter will win the giveaway gift for that round.  

*You can leave as many unique and meaningful comments as you'd like on as many days as you'd like.  I will update my progress and journal my feelings/thoughts/accomplishments/struggles on this post.  (I'll just keep editing it to add an update)  **clarification:  by saying "unique and meaningful", I just mean, please don't copy and paste your comment over and over for more entries.  Yes, people do this!)

*Second, third and fourth drawings will be held at the same time as each 5 pound drawing when I meet the following further goals:  1. drinking adequate water daily, 2. staying within my eating plan daily, 3. doing some sort of physical activity daily.

I'm hoping the combination of your encouraging comments and my desire to create a little something will motivate me to lose a little of this extra weight this fall!  Keep in mind that the giveaway gift will be small---but it will just be a little something to say THANK YOU for encouraging me along the way!

So, start leaving your comments now...and please bookmark the page so you can come back and hold me accountable! Ha!

Have a great day!

September 30, 2011

 So, it's been a little while and I thought I should give an update!  I've definitely had a rough time of it!  I got down to just a half a pound away from my first 5 pounds...and then gained again!  :(  I'm on a pretty good track this weekend though, so hopefully I'll be checking in soon with a good loss!

October 6, 2011 

Success!!  I am happy to report that I've FINALLY passed the 5 lb. mark! :)  (I actually passed this mark on Monday but have just now gotten the chance to update...)  Those of you who've struggled with weight loss know it's so much more in the mind than anything else! :)  Anyway, I did the first drawing and the winner is...Faith Hope and Cherrytea!  I will be contacting you today for your address so I can send you a little something.  Thanks so much, everyone!  Keep the comments coming and hopefully we'll be doing another drawing here really soon!


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  2. On Facebook, Sarah Turley said:

    "That's a relief! I thought you were offering to give your extra weight away;-) Good luck! I've been losing weight since our summer holiday walking in the mountains. Since then I've been trying to eat more or less vegetarian, as well as trying not to eat cheese or milky deserts like yogurt etc. I lost a lot to start with, but now the children are back at school, I've started to go to the gym again, and my weight went slightly up again. I put it down to building up muscle. Ever the optimist!"

  3. Good luck! (My brain isn't awake enough yet this morning to say anything more original. LOL Sorry.) :-)

  4. On FB, Sarah Turley said:

    Yes, I'm the same, but I followed the GI Diet (which is rather like the South Beach Diet, I think) a couple of years ago and lost loads (which I gradually regained for various reasons, not only but also including food!). According to the GI Diet, you should never eat more than one slice of bread at a mealtime (or various small amounts of carbs), and that works pretty well for me as a guideline. My husband did Atkins years ago, but I couldn't eliminate carbs altogether. Imagine, no pasta!

  5. Mom said: good idea...This is a good time of year to make changes!

  6. Good idea! Just love this message.
    Happy Pink Saturday greetings from Holland,
    with love,

  7. My hubby and I walk/run each day. It is so wonderful just to feel good! I ran last Sunday for one mile and came home to a 2 hour power nap! I am going to try running this morning again! Keep up the good work! You are awesome! Anne

  8. Good luck on the weight loss,I have just started a weight and fitness
    with hubby. Love an blessings Carol

  9. be encouraged Sarah! every bite counts, every step counts toward health! take today's steps... =)

  10. Hello, Sarah,

    What a sweet way to keep yourself motivated and to encourage others to help you...

    I would just say, try not to control your body as much as eat healthy and exercise like your doing - your body will happily follow. Let your body know you love it and it will respond. Keep happy thoughts, stay in gratitude and you'll do just fine.

    Many blessings to you and your family,

  11. Love the sparkles on your blog. I had 6 kids and have also struggled with my weight; what works best for me is throwing away the scale, concentrating on eating healthy and making exercise a priority. I know that is hard especailly with so many young ones around. Good luck
    young eclectic images- Swapbot

  12. Hello, Sarah. What you are doing is absolutely wonderful, not only for you, but also for your lovely children. I am trying to lose some weight also, but my situation is a little different from yours. You have youth on your side!! Just keep up the healthy eating and exercise and you will be in good shape. When you have time visit me at Down Memory La La Lane.
    Here's to your health!

  13. This sounds like a wonderful idea! Good luck with your continued weight loss! I lost the weight I needed to lose last year so now I am trying to maintain...which isn't easy either! But it's worth it! ♥♥♥

  14. Sounds like you are going great! Keep it up and you'll meet your goal before you know it. :-)


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