Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's an Octopalooza!! Octonauts Toys from Fisher Price

This afternoon there was an Octopalooza going on at the Coller house!

A couple of weeks ago, our family received a big brown box in the mail:
All the kids were curious. What could it be?

We opened it up and were thrilled to find a very generous gift from Fisher Price:  Five Octonauts play sets for the family to try out and enjoy.  Wow!  Thanks so much to Fisher Price for providing us with these excellent toys!

Our family was not familiar with the Octonauts characters but, luckily, an issue of the Octonauts Magazine was included in the box so Lynzie read through and introduced the characters to us.  Octonauts is a British TV series based on North American children's books.  The mission of the Octonauts is to, "to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean."

Our family is a great test case for toys as we've got nine children from 13 down to newborn!   I was interested to see if all the kids would enjoy the toys and was thrilled that they did.  We had quite the toy playing party this afternoon!  *Please note that while I did allow my children aged 2+ to play with the toys, everything we were sent carries Fisher Price's warning that they can provide a choking hazard to children aged 0-3.

Here Selah (7), Michael (11) and Avalon (4) are enjoying the Octonauts magazine and Octo-Compass.  The magazine came with a crew and creature toy set and is full of games, color pages, and facts.  I plan to assign each of the kids a couple of pages so they can all have a turn with it.  The Octo-Compass speaks over 60 phrases and creature sounds.  I know the kids will have a lot of fun making up imaginary missions with their new compass.

Lynzie (13) and Kynthia (2) tried out the Barnacles and Tunip play set.  Lynzie was especially excited as she'd read that Tunip changes colors in the water and she wanted to try out the opening clam.

Sure enough, it worked just as promised.  Tunip changed from orange to yellow and the clam sunk to the bottom of the tub before opening up and releasing little Tunip.  How adorable!

Elisha (10) and Selah (7) paired up to play with the Gup-B & Kwazii play set.  Gup-B is an undersea vehicle that will squirt water, as well as chomp it's teeth up and down, when the back fin is pushed down.  It also features a color-changing shark and rescue rope.

It's a fun toy to play with both in and out of the water.

Cainan (8) and Liam (3) were really excited to be assigned the big Octopod Playset.  Cainan put it together in minutes without any help and then gathered everyone around to teach them what he'd learned about it while assembling.

The Octopod Playset features slides and ropes for rescuing sea creatures, as well as a launch base for Gup-A, another rescue vehicle.  There's an OctoAlert button for the top of the playset that is removable and features a belt clip.  It makes sounds and phrases to make playing with this set even more fun!  The Octopod Playset comes with two character figurines, three sea creatures, four rescue tools and the OctoAlert.

While I was browsing the internet tonight for a little info for this article, I came across the Octonauts website that has lots of awesome games to play!  I played Captain Barnacles and the Ice Cave.  Whew!  That was intense!

We are a homeschooling family---I wonder how much difficulty I'll have getting these kids to focus on their studies tomorrow when they know they've got all these great new toys in the house?

Thanks again, so much, to Fisher Price, who sent us these toys for free in exchange for this product review.  All opinions are honest and are my own.

For more on the Octonauts visit them here:

Octonauts Website (fun games!!)
Octonauts on Facebook
Fisher Price on Twitter
Octonauts at Toys "R" Us

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  1. I am glad to see everyoe had a great weekend. I might have to add to your collection for Liam's birthday!

  2. Fisher Price always has the neatest toys and the Octonauts look like they would be lots of fun! How nice that your family gets to test out their toys!

  3. Sounds good.

    Thanks for playing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Sarah.

  4. Thanks looks like so much fun! I especially love that you can play with it in and out of the water. Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  5. Oh, it is fun toys like this that make me wish I still had little ones in the house!


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