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Blessed at Home #3: What I Love About My Home

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Today's featured contributor is...me!

I’m Sarah Coller, just a regular girl saved from her sins by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Married to Jamie for 15 years and mother to nine sweet blessings, ages 13 down to newborn, I stay busy homemaking and homeschooling.  My passion is creating a comfortable and peaceful home for my husband and children.   From focusing on having the house clean and beautiful, to making sure the kitchen is stocked, to preparing yummy meals at mealtime, I know my role as a homemaker is very important.  More than all that, though, my main focus is cultivating a sweet spirit, a kind tone of voice, and a heart willing to bless.  In addition to creating fun and useful things with my endless stash of found items, I also enjoy reading classic novels, thrifting, tea, and all things British.  Thankful for God’s saving grace, I hope to leave a legacy that reflects His faithfulness.  I blog at Hope In EverySeason.

HopeIn Every Season started out as a cheeky response to friends who were harassing me to start a blog.  In fact, it’s original name was, I Don’t Wanna Blog. Over the last five years, it’s grown into a wonderful ministry and a springboard for many great friendships.  I feature Biblical devotions, vintage and antique finds, crafts and DIY, book reviews, and fun glimpses into the life of our happy family.

Today's topic is, "What I love about my home."


I do love my home. What I love about my home is the peace I feel here. If you feel peace in your home, others will feel it also. I have been in homes where, as soon as I walked in, I could feel the tension. This is not the atmosphere in my home.

What I love about my home is the smell of fresh brewed coffee, which my husband lovingly makes each morning.  I love how my children and grandchildren can come here and relax.  I love how my friends always want to come and visit.  I love the excitement I feel each time I hear my husband's car drive up when he gets home from work.

Thank you, God, for sharing our home with us and giving us the peace we feel.

When I think about what I love about my home,  I am reminded of the song from The Sound of Music, '"These are a Few of My Favorite Things.'" There are so many things I love about my home, especially since there are so many ways God evidenced His provision in providing it just when it was needed.

We moved five years ago, at a time when the house market was totally dead. It was miraculous that our home sold which showed  God's guiding hand. When I think of the things I love about my home, I can't help to remember how clearly the Lord's direction, timing, and bountiful provision was for our new home.

When you stop by to visit, you'll have to drive through a "town" so small that you won't realize that you drove through a town at all. My home is situated off a dirt road on seven acres of woods. It is a quiet haven of rest. 

No one comes through our front door. The "back door" faces the slate slabs that line the walk from the gravel-less driveway. My kitchen welcomes you into my home as you step in off the deck. The big country kitchen has a long wooden table in front of a bay window with four big windows. The living room is divided from the kitchen by only a counter without a wall. It is like one big room with everyone feeling part of the action even while they are doing dishes. Three more windows are in the living room looking out at the fresh green on the trees surrounding our clearing in the woods. 

These are a few of my favorite things I love about my home.

What I love is to sit on one of the country rockers on the front porch reading my Bible on a warm summer morning. I love sitting on the swing with my husband in the evening.  

I love my bedroom with its homemade quilt and a border of hydrangeas on the wall. How come they are easier to grow indoors?! 

I could go on and on about what I love about my home but these are a few of my favorite things. The best is that moving brought us closer to a wonderful church (the reason we moved) and into a beautiful vacation area (no joke) with lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and hills.

God blessed us with our home and that is what I love most about our home.

I hope you stop by soon!!

Mrs. Smith, Just a Country Girl

I have had so many struggles with my home in the past few years.  And I know this is God's way of working in me.  I'm trying very hard to see the good things in my home and not focus on the bad.  But I will confess that I'm struggling with it.

The house itself (which is actually different than a "home" to me) is just...uhh.  Frustration.  And I truly feel badly for typing this--maybe the Lord is making me confess my horrible thoughts to the world, heh.  It's a tiny, rundown place--about 825 square feet, but the upstairs is very small (2 rooms, facing each other with  no
hallway or anything, and an adult can only stand up in the very center...more like a cabin, really), and it just needs a lot of work.  The baby sleeps with his crib right next to our bed (literally touching) and the other boys sleep in the other room--can't have bunkbeds because of the ceiling, so 2 beds is all that will fit.  I am a neat freak, so cleaning a house that has no storage is a nightmare! It frustrates me EVERY SINGLE day.  I confess to you all.  I have terrible, angry thoughts of this house.

That being said, my HOME is a nice place.  In the midst of the frustrations, God is showing me there is much to be thankful for here.  (Besides the fact that the gas bill isn't insane in the middle of
winter because there isn't much to heat!  ha!)  What I love about my home is that it is the place where we teach our children values, morals and just good character in general.  The world certainly isn't going to!  We can do our devotions during school, we can discuss why something is wrong or right...it's just where good character building happens.

Home is where Daddy comes home from work and plays with the kids and the dog.  As he backs his truck up the driveway, they all start yelling, "Daddy's home!", the dog runs around barking, the baby looks at the door, waiting impatiently...that is home.

Home is where little hands help to prepare meals or desserts in the kitchen; made with love and preparing these boys in case they live as bachelors for a while one day.

Home is where we come to get away from the harshness of the world. When evil is around us, we can know that we are home, at least for now, and that all is well.  Does God care what my house looks like or that it is stuffed to it's capacity with people and a dog?  (And 2 hermit crabs, of course!)  No, He doesn't.  What He does care about is what happens within that home.  This place is temporary and it won't go with us when we go.  So what's the big deal?  Did God want me to share my frustrations with everyone and realize that a "house" and a "home" are two different things?  I suppose so.  I love my home because it's where we find our Lord.  It's where we raise our children for Him and it's where we live as a family.  The packaging might not be much; but the inside is full of goodness.

Like Mrs. Smith, I struggle with liking the house we live in---from clogging pipes to leaking floors, to noisy neighbors---this is definitely not the Barbie Dream House!  However, it takes love to make a home and we've got a lot of that here!

My favorite thing about our home is that it's a place where we all learn from one another and can feel safe stepping out in a new thing without fear of judgment.    We are a family who is loyal to one another and sticks up for each other---we take care of one another.

My favorite part of the house is my sunroom.  That's where I have all my crafting supplies arranged, as well as my collection of antique books.  Sometimes I'll take my laptop back there and write.  Everyone, even the dog, knows not to come in without permission!

What is your favorite part of your home?

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  1. so Beautiful. I loved reading about all of you.

  2. I loved reading this. It's so true, a house and a home are two different things and even if there some things we would like to change about the house it can still be a wonderful home.

  3. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest GFC follower from the “HomeAcre” blog hop - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back: godsgrowinggarden.com

  4. These posts showed true and heart-felt emotions about "home" and I appreciate this. I am a grandmother now and raised our three children much like I see in the posts shown. I can say that truly, you have chosen the better way and your frustrations will seem only that or less as time goes by. The fruit of a Godly woman and wife in raising children to appreciate all blessings ( and big fancy homes and new cars are NOT the blessings they've been made out to be )is of eternal value. Our 3 grown children have expressed much appreciation for their childhood and try to raise their children ( our 8 grandchildren )with these values. Give your frustrations and your thanks to God, He is the One who helps us maintain a good perspective and loves us more than we're able to express.

  5. you have such a beautiful blog! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hello Sarah, I enjoyed your post. Home is a special place, and it sounds like you have created a fabulous place for your husband, family, and dog! I'm a big fan of the Duggars and you kind of remind me of them.

  7. absolutely love this post!!! Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  8. Thanks for sharing at the Friday Follow Along. Hope to see you again this week! www.leahinspired.com

  9. Sarah, what a great topic. I really enjoyed reading about each of you and your homes. I love the peace that I feel in my home. I love to travel, but after about a week I miss my home and gardens so very much. It's so true that it's not the house that makes the home, but the people in it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you again tomorrow!


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