Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time Travelling Fun with Wummelbox

One day, a curious package arrived at the Coller house.  "Hmmm....", thought the Coller kids, "Mommy is always getting these interesting packages in the mail.  Wonder what this one could be?"

When the box was opened, they were greeted by a brightly and intriguingly wrapped assortment of colorful craft supplies and stories!

The makers of Wummelbox, a new subscription arts and crafts service, sent our family a free box to review.  Thank you, Wummelbox!  All opinions are honest and are my own. 

Wummelbox is a Berlin-based service that inspires learning, creativity, and exploration in children. Each box is based on a particular theme and has all the supplies needed to create 3-4 projects.

Our box was based on a time-travel theme.  There was a story enclosed that had the two animal characters travelling back to what they called The Stone Age.  The discussion topics on the back of the story pamphlets were very geared toward the theory of Evolution.  We are a Christian family and believe this theory contradicts the Bible's literal account of a young Earth, but the story was very easy to adapt to fit what we know to be truth.

After we talked a little bit about what kinds of things ancient people used that would qualify that period to be called a "Stone Age", we were ready for the first craft.  The kids got to assemble some fun stamps and make their own cave painting!  I was really impressed with the quality of the supplies:  rich watercolors, smoothly-sanded wood, and strong, well put together cloth.

While the younger ones were finishing up, the older boys built us a cave from blankets and chairs.  We hung our painting up in the cave and everyone climbed in.

While we were in the cave, we talked more about our cave painting and about anthropology in general.  

Next, it was time for the second craft:  building a Time Machine!  Again, the quality of the items we were given really was outstanding.  All pegs and screws fit into the pre-drilled holes perfectly and the wood was all sanded so smoothly.

Once our Time Machine was assembled, we got back into the cave and used it as our portal.  Rather than travelling to different time periods, we pretended we were travelling to different places in history that we believe to be accurate.  We visited Adam and Eve and the dinosaurs, the pyramids of Egypt, Camelot, and even pretended to go to the future and visit space aliens!  You never know, they could be out there!  

There's one more project left for us to do, a hunter/gatherer game.  We're looking forward to assembling that and playing with it later this week.

There are lots of other Wummelbox themes like, Nutrition, Music, and Color and Light.  Subscription prices range from $19.95-$34.95 per month, depending on how many months you'd like to receive them.

Our family had a blast with our Wummelbox and will definitely consider a future subscription!  For more information, visit them on Facebook or at Wummelbox.com.

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