Friday, May 31, 2013

Putting Our Best Smile Forward with Colgate Total Mouthwash #TotalSmile

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Recently, Mom and I made a trip to Target to shop for Colgate Total Mouthwash.  We had a great time dreaming about all the fun things we wanted to buy---who doesn't when visiting Target?  To see some great photos of our trip, visit my Google+ album.

Oral health is so important---I wish I would have taken better care of my teeth when I was younger.  It's really important to Jamie and I to make sure our kids develop good hygiene regiments while they're young.

From the time they're old enough to brush their own teeth, we begin teaching them the proper way to brush every tooth (front and back!) and to floss.  Now that we have some older kids in the house, we can start introducing mouthwash to them as well.

I have been buying Colgate Total toothpaste for years---it's always my go-to brand.  I appreciate that it does so many good things for our teeth, like fighting tartar and protecting against cavities and plaque.  It's whitening agents keep our teeth sparkling and the taste is not too harsh.

Michael was super excited to try out the new mouthwash.  He's getting into that stage where he is understanding the importance of personal care and hygiene.  I'm so glad he takes this seriously!  I had Spearmint and Peppermint flavors to choose from---he chose Peppermint.

I kept telling him, "don't swallow it!"  This is the, "Mom, I KNOW!" look.  He said he was surprised that it wasn't as harsh as he was expecting.  He declared it tasted just like a candy cane.  

Colgate Total Mouthwash has all the same germ-fighting components as the toothpaste we love, as well as the ability to protect our teeth even after eating and drinking!  It is an alcohol-free formula and it freshens breath too.  
Look at that healthy smile!  As a parent, there's so many good habits I want to instill in my kids.  Self-care is a very important one, both for their own personal health, and for the sake of their future social lives.  I might be young enough to remember my own nights of trying to sneak out of brushing, but I do want grandkids, after all!


  1. Good post, made me want to go gargle. I could almost smell the peppermint!

  2. Great idea to teach them young!

  3. Sarah, you are one in a million mother's that really care about the welfare of their children. So many do not these days. I am a Crest person but may have to check out your products.

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