Monday, January 13, 2014

Managing Your Health with Medication Refills #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

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My husband, Jamie, has been on medication for over 10 years now and I still have a hard time remembering to call in his medication refills! Almost every month, he ends up saying something like, "hey did you know I've only got one pill left?" Then it's a mad scramble to the phone, and later to the pharmacy, to make sure he can take it on time. I'm ready for some automated refill reminders!

While exploring Walgreens.com today, I discovered several great refill options and services to help me better manage his prescription. Jamie has suffered from migraine headaches since he was a young boy. There are a few things that make them come on, like trigger foods, lack of sleep, and stress, but they're mainly due to his blood pressure. In our early married years, he dealt with at least one debilitating migraine every week. They would be so bad that he couldn't work, drive, or even be in a room with bright lights. Finally, he was diagnosed with the blood pressure issue and given medication to keep it under control. Since then, he doesn't get them as often, and we've learned how to better manage them when he does. The prescription is essential though, so we've got to make sure he doesn't run out.

One thing I noticed immediately when viewing the website was the option for free shipping on prescriptions! One of the reasons I have a hard time refilling his prescription far enough ahead of time is that I usually only do errands once a week. So, if I've forgotten to refill the prescription (and write myself a note to pick it up) then I usually don't think about it at all until the following week. With the Walgreens free shipping option, I don't have to worry about paying extra for the convenience of not needing to go pick it up!

After a little more perusing, I found out that I could set up automatic prescription refills. It occurred to me that, if I could set this up, along with the shipping option, I wouldn't need to worry about his prescriptions again until they needed to be re-prescribed by his doctor! 

The website is so easy to navigate and, if I ever do have a question, Walgreens.com offers secure online pharmacy chat with a professional pharmacist. I'm really excited about the way Walgreens makes managing prescriptions so simple for me!

It's really important to me that Jamie doesn't have to worry about not having the medicine he needs to keep him feeling well. He works so hard for us during the week and I want to make sure he's able to enjoy his family time and free time as much as possible.


  1. I am blessed only take two medications. All my refills are set up from the doctor's office and when due they are refilled aromatically. It is great and glad you can do that as well.

  2. I agree! What a wonderful thing to have that convenience. Thanks for stopping by, LV!

  3. What a priceless photo that is at the bottom of your post! A wonderful reminder why parents need to take care of themselves too. :)

    1. Absolutely! My husband was just beaming after reading this post. He sure loves his kids!

  4. I love that you're able to automate a task and that eliminates extra work for you! #client

    1. Yes! I'm all about systems and routines so the automatic options work really well for me!


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