Monday, April 28, 2014

Making Healthier Choices with Insync Natural Probiotic #NaturalProbiotic #shop #cbias

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Lately I've been sharing with you all the healthy choices I've been committing to. For the two weeks, in addition to eating healthier and moving more, I've been taking the natural probiotic, Insync. Insync contains doctor recommended, B.Infantis, to help promote a healthy digestive system.

My blog header tells you all you need to know about why I want to get to a healthier place! This family keeps me busy; but more than that, I really want to be more active and available for them. I've got to make healthier choices to be the best wife and mom I can be.

I'd read about probiotics before and friends have recommended them for various tummy troubles. In fact, my mom has mentioned, several times, that I ought to find a good yogurt with probiotics. I shopped at Walmart for a 30 day supply of Insync and found that a bottle of Insync is much less expensive than 30 days worth of fancy yogurt! I found it near the other digestive aids, close to the pharmacy.

For the first day or two, I had a hard time remembering to take this extra supplement. Healthy choices require routines, so I decided to place the bottle near my vitamin bottle. That way I could take them both at the same time.

I've been feeling really good the past couple of weeks. The weather is nice and it's been fun to get out with the kids and have the energy to play with them. They were all pretty impressed with my dribbling skills today!

As part of my healthy lifestyle change, I've been enjoying following a new eating plan. Last Friday, I made this delicious Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken dish. It's nice to know that, by taking the natural probiotic, I am creating a healthy environment in my body so I can enjoy delicious food like this.

Healthy lifestyle changes take time and they're full of ups and downs. I think I'm definitely on the right track though, with a good diet and a little bit of chasing kids. Taking the Insync these two weeks has been one more way I can keep myself functioning my best. Have you tried a natural probiotic? What are some of your favorite ways to keep healthy and active? I need all the advice I can get!

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  1. You are doing great and I can imagine that your kids are happier knowing that you feel great! #client


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