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Manage Medications for Sick Pets at Walgreens.com #WalgreensRX #shop #cbias

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Have you ever had a sick pet in the house? We all love our pets and want to take good care of them. Walgreens.com has made it easy to manage medications for pets online. In the past, I've found their site to be convenient for my family's prescriptions---how great that I can add prescriptions for a sick pet, as well!

Our dog, Mr. Darcy, left a family of about 30 other puppies to come live with us in 2011. My husband and kids had been wanting a dog for years, but I've never really been a "pet person" and was adamantly opposed to the idea of an inside animal. They persisted and, as you can see, I was eventually overruled! Although I sometimes joke that he's our Yorkshire Terrorist, he's been around long enough now that I really can't imagine life without him!

Jamie had double ulterior motives in naming him after the leading man in Jane Austen's, Pride and Prejudice. For one thing, he knew I didn't want a dog, so he named him something I'd love---hoping I'd learn to like him. Secondly, he knew that if he named a dog after a dream guy, the dream guy would seem quite a bit less dreamy to me!

Mr. Darcy has been a pretty healthy pup overall, though he did come down with a stomach bug this winter at the same time the rest of us did. I guess it makes sense, but I was really surprised when I realized that our pets can sometimes contract the same sicknesses that we do!

Speaking of learning new things---did you know that veterinarians often prescribe the same medication to our animals that our doctors prescribe to us? (Can you tell I'm a little clueless about pets?) Well, it's a fact! Walgreens.com has made it easy and convenient to manage your medications for pets online or from your phone---just like you do with your own.

Here's the page I go to when I want to register family members to our online Walgreens pharmacy account. I've been here before but I've only recently noticed the option to add a pet. Walgreens can fill prescriptions for any human-analogous pet prescriptions (meds that people and pets can both take) at any of their almost 8,000 US pharmacies.

 Once you click "add a pet" on the prior screen, you can check out the Prescriptions Savings Club at the right of the screen and check prices on some commonly-prescribed meds for your sick pet. Medications at the veterinarian's office are often expensive because of markups and dispensing fees. If your pet has regular medications he is taking, you could really save big going with Walgreens. After you've compared prices, you can click, "sign your pet up now", to enroll him in online management of his prescriptions. 

If it's your first time setting up a Walgreens.com account, you'll need to register, but it's really easy and just takes a minute. Make sure to check out that "Balance Rewards" link at the top of the screen for more savings throughout the store.

Once you're in your account, you just enter in your pet's info (don't you love the first and last name boxes for pets? Ha!) and then you're good to go. You'll be able to order and reorder prescriptions, as well as set up automatic refills and refill reminders. You'll even be able to read about some common prescriptions and get help from a pharmacist. Best of all, everything you need to know about your pet's prescriptions will be right there with your own---all in one place for easy management!

Though he can be obnoxious, Mr. Darcy really does bring a lot of joy to our home and is a big part of a lot of our family activities. Managing pet prescriptions online or with the mobile app is a convenient way to keep Mr. Darcy healthy and feeling good so we can make lots more happy memories together!



  1. What a cutie! I love Yorkies and have already declared that will be our next family dog. I am almost ready to have one inside dog.... well, almost. I agree, the first and last name part is cute. They really are part of the family. #client

  2. Mr. Darcy is adorable! Thanks for sharing how easy it is to manage pet prescriptions at Walgreens! #client


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