Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Bathroom Makeover For Fall Holiday Company #CraftedExperience #ad #cbias

#CraftedExperience #CollectiveBias

It's hard to believe it's already time to start planning for holiday company, but the fact that I turned on my heater for the first time last night means it's true! It's important to me to make my guests feel welcome and comfortable and promote a peaceful atmosphere in my home. I especially like to make sure the bedrooms and bathrooms are attractive and purchase good quality products for my guests to use. Quilted Northern bathroom tissue is soft and strong and it's quilted design looks pretty too!

If all goes according to plan, my dad will be making the 1,800 mile journey from Oregon to Arkansas in just a few weeks. I've started preparing our home to make it a great experience for him. The kids are getting excited to make more special memories and share all the fun things that have gone on since he was here last Thanksgiving.

I found 2-ply Quilted Northern bathroom tissue at Walmart. We're on a septic system so I like it because it's sewer and septic safe. The brand has been providing quality and comfort since 1902---that makes me confident I'm making a good choice.

We've been in this house for two years next week and still there are things I've not done to make us totally settled. This bathroom has had a towel for a curtain since we moved in and the scratch on the toilet seat has always bugged me. It's a rental so we can't change out a lot of stuff---but we can definitely update and cover up!

I bought a pretty chocolate brown curtain, as well as some towels and wash cloths, to match my (very Steampunkish awesome) shower curtain. Wow! A real curtain! It looks so much better. (Now that I've done what took all of 10 minutes, I feel really ridiculous that it took me this long...don't judge.)

I used the scalloped valance that came with the curtain as a scarf for the back of the toilet. It has a wavy cut along the edge so it makes a perfect little indentation for accessing the handle. I also put down a rug and seat cover to match the curtains. Way better! 

I'm looking forward to welcoming guests into our home this season---and now I can be proud of my not-so-scary bathroom, too! How can Quilted Northern help make a comfortable atmosphere for your holiday guests? Let me know about your plans in the comments below!


  1. My Dad is making the trip from California to East Central Texas for Thanksgiving. We are excited too, however, we are in the middle of a remodel so I'm a bit stressed too! But it will be a wonderful visit as always! Enjoy your dad and your "not so scary bathroom, too". Blessings!

  2. no judging here. I've been in my home for 13 years and still working on it.... love the idea of your bathroom for the fall... I just may steal your ideas... they were just great.... you are the second person I have heard the term steam punk... not sure of the term but looks awesome.... prayers for safe travels to and from. hope you guys have a blest time together

  3. Love your bathroom! Fun to see what creative things people can come up with.

  4. I wont judge, we've owned our house since 2009, and the curtains in the bathroom are the same ones that were there when we moved in! Our bathroom is in dire need of a renovation! #client


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