Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sharing Special England Moments with my Daughter

Slowly, I've been putting up photos and tidbits about me and Lynzie's trip to England last month. It was her first time going and I was so excited to take her to all my favorite places. There are so many happy memories from our trip, I know I'll never remember them all. 

One special moment took place on one of our visits to Winchester Cathedral. We actually spent a good part of our three days in Winchester in the cathedral. It was a favorite place for both of us, as there's so much history (and mystery!) inside that one could never grow tired of studying it. One afternoon while we were there, I took a tour while Lynzie went around sketching. When I finished with the tour, I went looking for her and found her here, lighting a prayer candle. What an amazing experience for her! 

On our first morning in Bath, I got her up really early, when it was barely light out, to show her around the best part of the city before all the rest of the tourists came out. This photo was taken just after the bells at Bath Abbey had finished playing, The Bells of Great Britain. It was awesome watching my daughter experience England for the first time. We have a lot of the same interests in common and there were times when it was emotionally overwhelming to know the joy and amazement she was feeling. 

Another special time was when we visited Chawton Manor, a family home of one of Jane Austen's brothers. We stopped off at the church of St. Nicholas and visited the graves of her mother and sister. While that was a breathtaking experience, I got really emotional when we went inside to pray. In fact, every time I visited a church on this trip, I got really emotional! God did some amazing things in my heart in England this year. He truly is the same everywhere I go.


  1. sounds like you two ladies had a blast. thanks for sharing

  2. I could use a Kleenex right now...I can feel the emotions you must have felt on this trip! I am so glad you got to do this!

  3. I visited England when I was a senior in high school and I wish I could go back again. As a teen with no chaperone I didn't get as much done and sights seen as I wish I had. [client]

  4. LOVE these photos, and your reminder that God is the same everywhere! Definitely something I've been learning to remember lately, after moving cross-country for the first time. :)


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