Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Homemaking Party #BentonvilleRocks

Welcome to The Homemaking Party! It's been a fun week for our family with a few little adventures. First, we bought a new-to-us PT Cruiser last week. Isn't it nice? I've always wanted one. We are hoping to save up and have a nice paint job done within the next year or so. Just got to pick out a pretty color---although I do like its original color.

Michael and I spent a little time doing errands in Bentonville over the weekend. We found this special rock at the library. We have a bunch of community members who paint pretty rocks and leave them around the community to brighten a day. When we find one, we're supposed to take a picture and post it on Facebook, then leave the rock or rehide somewhere else in the community. We left this one where we found it in front of the library.

Here's the back of it. Not sure what the "F" is for---maybe the person who decorated it? This was our first time finding one so I say "F" is for "fun first find!"

Further down the road, we came upon another first---a Little Free Library. This was the first time I'd seen one of these, too!

We didn't have a book to give so we didn't take one but we both committed to bringing one back in the future. How fun!

A few days later, I took Liam, Kynthia, and Brenna to Walmart to look at toys. They had fun showing me all their wishes. Liam had a little money to spend so he got some Legos and a couple minifigures. They each picked out a small bottle of pop that they drank over a few days. Little sweeties!!

I hope you're having a happy week! We celebrated Avalon's 8th birthday tonight and now she and her older sisters are having a sleepover. It's a happy time around here---I'm thankful!


  1. Yes, happy times! Happy Birthday, Avalon!

  2. Have a nice week. Thank you for party.

  3. Oh wow! I have seen one of those free libraries in a poor section of our town. That would be a great place to take some of my books.

    Thanks for sharing that. I think the F stands for Facebook to clue folks in to post it on Facebook.

    Birthday blessings to your darling.

    Enjoy your week!

    1. Hahahahahaha! Ok, I'm a little dense. Yes, I think you're exactly right. Ha! I found another Little Free Library on my way to drop Jamie off this morning. This time I was armed with a couple kids books to trade. This library had adult books on one side and kids on the other so I traded for two other kids' ones. Jamie said we can build one to put in front of our house. I'm so excited!

  4. Thank you for hosting. What a great bunch of links! I've already read several posts and must move on for now. Maybe later ...

  5. I saw one of those free library book containers recently, but I can't remember where. I didn't have any book with me either. It is going to drive me crazy until I remember.
    Thanks for hosting,

    1. Bev, you can actually find maps online that show where all the registered libraries are! Just Google "Little Free Library". Hope you find it!

  6. Thank you for throwing such a nice blog party, Sarah. I hope you have a wonderful day!


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