Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Thingie Thursday: My Strawberry "Stuff"

It's my favorite day today: Vintage Thingie Thursday!

I decided to pull out all my strawberry stuff and see if you all can help me to identify and date it! I have been (very slowly) collecting strawberry themed items as they make my home seem so cheery and relaxed. I suppose I'm sorta partial to them to since one of my mom's favorite stories about me is how I'd call them "bah-shoos" as a baby. I can not find a correlation between that baby phrase and the word "strawberry" but it must have made sense when I was little!

The only item that I can identify by maker and date is the hand-painted wooden Munising bowl. According to information I found online, this bowl dates from sometime between 1940 and 1955. Apparently, they're popular and collectible and I probably shouldn't have been tossing my keys into it for the last few years as my once pristine bowl, (which I thought had been recently painted and was not worth more than the $1 I paid for it at a yard sale) is now missing some of it's green leaf paint.

Last week I found the little recipe card holder at our local Salvation Army. It's a handmade block of wood with a clothes pin attached and a cute toll painted strawberry design. Not only does it fit with the theme I'm trying to collect for my kitchen, it also is a functional piece that I didn't really know I needed until I found it! The recipe card features a great chili recipe that I got from Weight Watchers--I'll tag it onto the end of the post for you all!

I don't remember where I found the little sugar bowl or the strawberry printed cloth but I'm assuming it was sometime during my yard sale adventures of the last few years. I have found several "look alike" sugar bowls on ebay but they are all separated into pieces and the base is always a separate piece. This bowl is attached to the base and looks to be a little older than those I've seen online. The cloth has raised felt strawberries and doesn't seem to actually be vintage. **UPDATE: one reader just suggested that my "sugar bowl" was actually a jam jar with similar ones being found on ebay. She's right! Although I did not find my exact jar on ebay, there are several there that are similar. Thanks for the tip---is it obvious that I'm from the "packaged foods" generation?? Who woulda thought there'd be a specially made vessel just for holding jam!! Ha!!

The platter looks very similar to both the Mikasa Strawberry Festival and the Sheffield Strawberries and Cream designs but is not exact and is unmarked.

I thought some of you might like a challenging treasure hunt for the day so make sure and let me know if you can identify any of these pieces!

Before I close with the chili recipe I promised, I'd like to show you all the picture of baby Liam in the blue jammies I blogged about last week.

Unfortunately, I've not had a chance to sew him some masculine receiving blankets as I just found out he was a boy...well, the day he was born!! So, he's got sister's flowery blanket on---but he's okay with it...he knows he's a manly man!

Thanks to all who sent well wishes! We're so glad to have a new little boy in the family---even if they do outnumber us girls now!

Thanks for visiting my blog today for Vintage Thingie Thursday! To see more vintage items from other participants, click here.

Jan's 6 Can Chili

1 can fat free refried beans
1 can black beans

1 can kidney beans
1 can pinto beans

1 can chicken broth
1 can diced tomatoes

1 pkg. chili seasoning mix
onion, green pepper, other veg. (opt.)

Mix all together and cook on stove or in crock pot until hot! 2 Weight Watcher points per cup.


  1. Strawberries make me think of summer. You have a nice collection already.

  2. Wonderful strawberry items, I seem to remember in the 70s I think, this becoming a very popular theme in kitchens, I may be wrong however.

    What a precious baby.....best wishes! Have a great VTT!

  3. Those strawberry objects are so fresh and cheery! Sorry I can't help you identify any of your things.

  4. Sorry, I cannot help you with your strawberries. I am not familiar with any of those items. The little one is a precious baby.

  5. I think your "sugar bowl" is really a jar for strawberry jam. I collect apples and have similar jars that I think were probably intended for apple butter or something similar like jam. If you look up strawberry jam jar in eBay, there are a bunch of them.

  6. What wonderful strawberry items! I remember my Grandma having a large strawberry cookie jar in her kitchen.

    Baby is adorable in that blue sleeper :)


  7. Strawberry items are so bright and cheery...I think its the red color and the thoughts of strawberry shortcake!

  8. How fun, I love all your strawberry things!

    Little Liam is a cutie patootie!

    Happy VTT,

  9. Ohhh, your sweet baby is just so beautiful and precious...and I know he feels his sisters love in the blanket..I love all your pretty strawberry pieces. They're always so bright and cheerful.. Happy VTT..

  10. Hi Sarah, I think you may be right about the handle on my "Storefront" wood purse. It looks as if the one online is is better condition and may not even be ligit. I agree about the jam jar. I have one that Avon sold years ago with a little place for the tiny spoon. thanks for stopping by.

  11. perfect time of the year to share strawberries

  12. Hi, Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Liam. I love the blue sleeper story and he looks fabulous. Your strawberry items are lovely.

  13. Love all your ba-shoos (hope I spelled that right) and who cares if the wooden bowl is a tad worn - you love what you're using it for and life isn't pristine so your bowl doesn't have to be either. Whew - bit of a run on sentence there. Hope you get some real life strawberries soon - so tasty this time of year.


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