Monday, May 31, 2010

Skagit County Memorial Highway: Gratituesday

I think it's pretty much a given that a lot of Gratituesday participants are going to have a Memorial Day-themed post today. That's why I wasn't going to do one.

I really don't want to admit this but I'm going to: I don't think that the majority of the people of my generation take military service as seriously as those in the earlier generations do. I don't think we really "get" the idea of sacrifice---of valuing freedoms. There's several reasons for that: we've grown up in a "me-based" culture, we've been taught to look out for "number one", we've been inundated since infancy with images and talk of war to the point that it's just not a big deal anymore. That's really super disgusting---but it's the truth.

So...I was going through my pictures just now, trying to find something really "neat" to write about tonight. I came across the picture above and realized that I needed to write this Memorial Day-themed post after all!

Last week on my husband's day off, we took the kids to a local public garden and spent a good two hours walking around and enjoying the beautiful plants and trees. In the rose garden, we came across this memorial marker for the Skagit County Memorial Highway that was dedicated in 1931 to those who served in World War I. Before actually reading it, our kids were curious about it and 8-year-old Michael walked up to check it out. Soon, he was gathering us all around and waiting for everyone to quiet down so he could read it to us. When he was finished, he just stood there for a little bit and thought about what he'd read. In fact, they all just kind of stood there quietly---contemplating.

I really don't remember the conversation after that---just the feeling that they had really taken the time to remember those soldiers and recognize their humanity---those were real people who left their families, homes and familiarity---never knowing if they'd return to normalcy. I can't imagine making that sacrifice.

To be honest, I wouldn't make that sacrifice. I'm not soldier material. Not because I'm not physically fit enough, not because I'm afraid. Sickeningly enough, it's because I don't really love my country. I don't really understand the price that continues to be paid, year after year and century after century to keep the good in this country. I read on someone's blog today that it's easier to take liberty for granted when you've never had it taken from you. Thank God he's not done what we deserve and stripped us of that liberty.

Today, I'm grateful for my children who showed me the importance of remembrance, acknowledgment, and respect. I pray that they'll be some of

many in a new generation who will honor and cherish their freedoms and be willing to defend them and the country that they love.

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  1. What a touching and honest post. Thanks!

  2. Hello, your post is just great and your family is BEAUTIFUL,,,
    Excuse my late reply from me as my family is still with us this week from California...Its just CRAZY I tell ya,,,,anyhoo's HUGS Dena

  3. I have great admiration and appreciation for military people. They have great courage and giving up a lot.


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