Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Family Resemblance

Great-great-grandmother Tresa Elizabeth Merritt was born on February 16, 1886 in Butte, Montana.

Daughter Selah Elizabeth Coller was born on
August 22, 2006 in Baker City, Oregon.

I came across the first picture, Tresa, in my genealogy research last year. While, not knowing my daughter, you might not see a lot of resemblance, I'm telling you that these people could be identical! The picture of g-g-grandma Tresa looks exactly like my daughter Selah when she's not smiling. I'd love to recreate the shot---but I'm not sure I can get Selah to NOT smile for the camera!
**Update: My mom just reminded me that today would have been my great-grandmother Annabelle's birthday. She is the daughter of Tresa and the one that I feel Selah looks the most like. How neat that I would choose this subject for today!

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  1. Isn't it ironic that your post is the first WW post I've visited this week... my daughter's name is Selah also. Your Selah is gorgeous!

  2. Isn't genoligy fun. I acculay just got contacted by sombody who has the same (or we think) Grate grate grate grate grate grate grandpartens to us. Yeh,so what would that make him to me, cousin removed how many times?

    It would be cool to recrate that photo. I can see how they could look the same.

  3. great great grandmother and daughter are gorgeous!
    Mariposa's WW!

  4. That is awesome. I have seen that expression on Selah's face! :)

  5. The likeness is, well, stunning!



  6. That's amazing! They do look alike!

  7. Lovely! I've always been fascinated by generational resemblances. I look so much like my father's late sister. I wish I could have met her!

  8. Wow, that is a crazy likeness! I think my daughter looks a lot like old photos of my grandma:


    Happy WW!


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