Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mystery of History Creation Lesson: Blue Monday

Today for Blue Monday over at Smiling Sally's blog lots of talented bloggers are writing about their beloved blue "stuff"!

I'm joining in the fun by featuring a series of artwork that my kids did one day during our Mystery of History lesson on creation. All were done on blue construction paper.

Each child was responsible for creating a picture for one day of creation. Selah, age 3, did Day 1 (above). She's got some black to represent darkness and some sunshines to represent light. Jesus is featured there as well because He was there too!

Lynzie, 10, got two days since we had more days than artists---her picture shows Day 2 and Day 3:

Cainan, 5, did Day 4:

He's got a sun, moon, and stars in there!

Elisha, age 6, took Day 5:

He was feeling a little unsure of his birds but we all assured him they were great!

And finally, Michael, age 8, did Day 6:

Michael was uncomfortable depicting Adam and Eve without clothing so he decided to dress them! He's got several cute animals there, including a horse, a flamingo, a frog?, a monkey and a tiger!

I told the kids that I'd do Day 7 but, unfortunately, have been too busy with new baby to get to it yet! I have, instead, acted out that lovely day of rest with many naps since! I also blogged about rest here!

Hope you all have a great and restful Blue Monday! Visit Smiling Sally to see more participants!


  1. I love these drawings!!!
    A special post, thanks!

  2. Wow! that is beautiful artwork.

  3. You have some wonderful budding artists. I really mean it. Even the 3 year old can draw. Wow! Keep encouraging them. Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Since Day 7 is the day He rested, I guess you could say that you "did" it! Happy Blue Monday, Sarah.

  5. loving the artwork! What a great way to preserve it and to share - my little ones are no longer little. We homeschooled too!
    Wishing you a delightsome day,

  6. What a great idea. Those children did a great job on their paintings. I loved your post for today.

  7. Nice art work about the Creation!
    Have a lovely week ahead of you!

  8. Sarah, even God needed a day of rest :-). Enjoy your naps. The children's work is just delightful. I hope you are having a great Blue Monday. Blessings...Mary

  9. This was definitely the sweetest Blue Monday post today! All the drawings are wonderful, but I really love the one with the sun, moon, and stars in it.
    Happy Memorial Day, and Happy Blue Monday!

  10. Impressive artworks about creation. They are so creative and talented. Thank you for sharing

  11. nice post and the kids did great drawings about creation.

  12. Now THOSE are some beautful artwork!! Love them.

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  13. wow great job! your kids are so creative :) sorry for the late visit. im your newest follower!


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