Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pink Saturday: Mom

Today I'm paying tribute to my biggest fan: Mom! This is the first time I've linked up with Beverly's Pink Saturday and up until late this morning, I was having a difficult time deciding what pink thing to feature first! For more Pink Saturday, click here.

How fitting that my mom would choose today to send me a poem that she'd written five years or so ago! The poem is all about her "pink" daughter (yep, that would be me...). As soon as I read it, I knew that I'd have to see if she'd let me print it here for Pink Saturday!

I'm also showing off my birthday present from Mom. I'm a collector of all things tea-ish and Mom picked out the most beautiful chintz tea-for-one! I absolutely love this special gift and therefore I've placed it in a prominent place on my special hutch amidst some antique books that I'm collecting.

The little flower inside was picked for me by my 7-year-old son, Elisha, on Wednesday as we brought our newest little baby Liam home from the hospital.

Here are Elisha and Liam cuddling together at home:

And...because I know you're curious, here's our whole family in the hospital with baby Liam:

Now, for my Mom's beautiful tribute to me, Tootsie:

Reasons by Christy Virgil

My little pink bundle.
My blue eyed joy.

Sassy personality with the generous heart.

Tootsie and Fruitsie will never part.

The strong honey haired teen. Finding her way in the dark.

The storm has passed, she's always ready for the task. always looking ahead.

Giving, giving, and giving.


I live through her life.

My pink beautiful daughter/friend.

I love you, Mom!


  1. Welcome and happy pink Saturday. What a lovely pink post and a lovely family.
    Have a nice day
    Riet, The Netherlands

  2. Welcome to Pink Saturday and congratulations on the birth of your new son. Aren't you tired? Lovely gift from your mom.

  3. Welcome to Pink Saturday. Your tea set is so pretty. You have a lovely family :)

  4. What a sweet tribute to your mother. That is a wonderful poem she wrote for you. And your family is awesome!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday

  5. What a beautiful family you have..I can tell you are a busy Mom.
    Love your tea set adorned with flowers.
    I posted a tea cup ring on my page today.

    So glad we have a new partisapant .

  6. Welcome to PS, Sarah. You have a beautiful family, children are such a blessing and I am always in awe when I see a large family (2 was enough for me).
    Lovely tea cup and poem.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Welcome to your first Pink Saturday and Congratulations on your new adorable bundle of joy! You are a busy lass with seven wee ones. I LOVE the chintz teacup and tea pot! I so love chintz myself and have many pieces of it. I host a tea party on Tuesdays if you would like to stop by and have a sip. Your mother wrote you a beautiful poem; lovely keepsake! Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  8. What a beautiful tea set!! You're a busy Mom!! Welcome to pink Saturday.

  9. I really enjoyed your post for today. You have such a lovely family and such adorable little ones. I do not know how you do it. I could hardly handle one when I was younger. That is such a lovely tribute to you from your mother. Take care of yourself and the new little one.

  10. Hi Sarah! Welcome to Pink Saturday! Your pink tea set is beautiful!.. What a lovely gift and poem from your Mom! Loved your family photo too! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you and yours are enjoying the weekend! ~tina

  11. Love the chintz. Congratulations on the new little one. Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  12. Welcome and happy pink Saturday.

  13. Thats what many ppl are telling me, but its not a hat. :D

    You have a lovely huge family. I like that.

    Happy Pink Saturday for you

  14. Oh, Sarah!

    Welcome to Pink Saturday!

    This was such a tender tribute it made me cry. What a sweetheart your mom is, and I can tell how proud she is of you. And your family is BEAUTIFUL! You are truly blessed. And I love your teacup! Pink Perfection!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday...


    Sheila :-)

  15. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words. What a sweet family you have there and blessing to all of them especially your latest Liam. What a delightful tea set and the flower from Elisha. Happy birthday to you too.

    Yes, Jimmy Stewart was truly a lovely moral man. He loved his dear wife so much. I followed his life and you never heard one negative word from or about him. Truly a gentleman. Hard to find those these days but I know that many are blessed. I have one in my life, The lord sure did bless me.

    I do hope your day is blessed in everyway. Have a happy Pink Saturday.

  16. Welcome to PS and welcome Liam! Love your mom's gift ~ she sounds like a real sweetie! I am following you now!

    Happy PS,

  17. Happy Pink Saturday, your family is beautiful and your tea for one is precious. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Happy Birthday. The "pink" poem is a treasure!

  19. The tea set is just lovely and the poem is so precious!

    And I can't believe that you have 7 children! WOW!! I bet you are one busy girl!!



  20. What a beautiful poem, how special for you from your mum! Happy Pink Saturday <3 <3

  21. Hello, Happy Pink Saturday to You! What a lovely poem written my your mother, and the tea set is so very sweet.

    Have a lovely weekend, warmest, Brenda

  22. Welcome to ps. What a lovely post and tribute to mom. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  23. Yikes!! You are one dynamic lady. Love the poem. How do you get any time to blog!!!


  24. what a beautiful beautiful pink post! I love everything about it! welcome to the group! :)

  25. Congratulations on the newest member of your family - isn't having a large family great? always so much love.

  26. You sure have a hand full. Hope you have a great PS. Laura Q

  27. Thanks for posting on my blog and welcome to Pink Saturday. I love all your pinks and you have a lovely family! The gift from your mom is awesome..

  28. Hello my sweet friend! Your teapot is oh so pretty and so is the beautiful poem you shared with us! Are those all of your children? I love your sweet blog! Happy Pink Saturday!

  29. PS Happy Birthday to your Mum!

  30. Happy Pink Saturday to you! Welcome to the fun. I am only quite new to PS too and I am loving it.

    This was a lovely tribute to your Mum. She is quite a poet!

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    Best wishes,

  31. OH your little men are just so HANDSOME! Congrats! I adore your PINK choice, what a lovely gift! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

  32. Hi! i'm your 30th follower!
    i think it's terrific that you homeschool..i have always wanted to do that...but never have...

    well...happy pink saturday to you!
    and i must say i'm drooling over that gorgeous tea cup! the florals are TDF!

    i hope you'll take a minute to come by and visit with me...i'll leave my 'screen' door open for you.....see ya there!

    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  33. Welcome to Pink Saturday! What a sweet post. I am a homeschooling mom too...for one more week. My "baby" is graduating next Saturday so I am retiring from homeschooling after 16 years.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  34. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Sarah. I am so glad you decided to participate, and I can see that you are a true lover of pink. I have added myself as one of your followers, and I hope you will follow my blog, too.

    Your family is lovely, and the picture gave me a big smile. You must be a very busy lady, and you must get lots of very special hugs and kisses.

    I love your mother's poem, and she clearly loves you.

  35. Welcome to Pink Saturday and what a lovely mother you have writing such gorgeous poetry about you! What a beautiful family you have! Come join me soon. Anne

  36. Such a sweet poem by your mother ~ what a special connection the two of you have. Thanks for entering my little giveaway ! Good luck to you!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  37. Hi Sarah, What a darling post, thank you for sharing your lovely family. I love large families I'm blessed to be one of ten children. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment on my Thrifty "RED" finds, I flipped my "LID". I loved getting that pretty oven set for $3.99 what a deal! Have a great week. Pop on by for Pink Saturday at my place!

  38. Welcome to your first pink saturday! You will start seeing all the things that are pinks in the world around Friday afternoon so that you can post for Pink Saturday! LOL
    Happy Belated Pink Saturday!

  39. Hi Sarah! It's so nice to meet you! Pink Saturday was fun. Thank you for visiting our blog. You have a beautiful family and congratulations on your sweet baby. Have a great week! Twyla

  40. Sarah, Lovely pink Saturday post.

    sweet little one!

    Thanks for signing up to follow my blog.
    off to see more of yours now.


    barbara jean


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