Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Never Be Afraid to Burn a Candle...

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For a creative thinker, inspiration can come at the least likely of times. It can sneak up on you when you're not expecting it and begin to weave it's way through your thoughts. One thing is for sure about inspiration: it makes itself known and demands to be fed.

Last Saturday, I was blessed and inspired by a post I read at a new-to-me blog, My Place to Yours. The author talked about the importance of not waiting for "someday" to arrive but, instead, to seize the day while it's here. She used the illustration of a pink candle sculpted like a rose that she'd been saving in a drawer rather than setting it out and burning it---and enjoying it. Please take a minute to read her post here. You will be so blessed!

She challenged each of her readers to do the same--to find that "pink candle sculpted like a rose" and burn it. (Of course we don't all have that exact candle but you get the idea...) Here is my story of my rose candle:

When my mom bought Whitey's Carmel Corn a few years ago, we went through the gift shop upstairs to make some order out of it and get things displayed and ready to sell. Amongst the faux flowers and assorted trinkets (the previous owner was a florist, I believe), we found the cutest little candle sculpted like a rose. I have a feeling that it is probably a fairly old candle---probably from the 1950s or so, from the look of it.

As mom has changed her displays up there over the past couple of years, the candle has moved from one spot to another...but has never been purchased. Recently, mom gave me a couple of boxes of things from her gift shop and that candle was included. When we got home from our visit with her a couple weeks ago, I set the boxes in the hallway to go through later. A few days later, my little daughter, Avalon, came toddling through the kitchen with that candle in her hands. Afraid she'd take a big ol' bite out of it, I took it away and set it on the counter. Later on that day, as I was cleaning up, I mindlessly tossed it in a sack in the hallway---the yard sale sack.

Fast forward to last Saturday as I'm reading the above-mentioned post. As soon as I was done reading her candle story, I knew which one I'd want to feature. But wait! Where did I stick that thing anyway? Suddenly, it dawned on me. (That's how long it takes sometimes to come back to consciousness when you've got as many things on the brain as I do!!) I began pawing frantically through the yard sale sacks in the hallway, hoping the candle wasn't in one of the ones that my husband had already donated to the church.

Luckily, I found it...and this is what I did with it:

I blew it out after a few minutes, of course, as I want to make it last awhile. I was reminded of a great lesson this week. My mom has a saying that goes something like, "Never be afraid to pick a flower even though you know it will wither." My new saying is, "Never be afraid to burn a candle..especially if it's been sitting around for 60 years!"

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  1. Sarah, I've been looking forward to reading your post -- and seeing your candle! I had no idea it would be such a vintage treasure! Thanks for joining my post this week. I'm glad we can inspire each other. :-)

  2. This is something I can relate to.

  3. I went to read about the rose and your inspiration.
    But I came back!

  4. Enjoy your candle. I always burn mine because I cannot wait!!!

  5. Nice to read your candle story. It looks pretty on your table. Carpe Diem! Jacqueline

  6. Love the setting. :)

  7. Wise words....whether it's a candle, china, crystal, whatever...as good stewards of these lovely treasures, I am a huge advocate of using them and using them often. Thank you for sharing your inspriring story. Cherry Kay

  8. Great post...remember Erma Brombeck's list of things she WISHED she'd done before she got sick and died.? USING THINGS was one of them.
    XO bj

  9. Wonderful lesson. Thanks bunches for visiting me. olive♥

  10. Had to laugh at your new saying ;) I like your Mom's saying, too. Sometimes I have hesitated to pick a flower - but, we get so much joy out of flowers in the house, surrounding us with their beauty and fragrance.
    (I would have had a blast going thru the left-behind goodies from the florist's shop.)
    Thanks for visiting my blog~

  11. Nice thought behind the candle - so many times we save something and never use it.


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