Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's Your Answer Wednesday: A Few Memories

I'm excited to be starting off my new meme today! You can read more entries or find out how to participate and post your own by going here.

I wanted to do kind of a "Sarah through the ages" sort of post...but then realized I don't have pictures for my younger years---Mom does. I'll have to get some from her and do a "younger years" one later on.

Here is a classic look from 1990! This was my very first perm! I got it at Spoiled Rotten in Hermiston, Oregon and it took over 3 hours! I wanted to be just like my school friend, Carrie Maxwell, who always had her hair permed. The earrings I'm wearing were a gift from the stylist since I had to wait so long for the perm to set. Notice the crazy bangs and the lovely emblem on my shirt pocket.

Another year, another perm. Here I am in 7th grade with my newest do! This time they used even more solution and h
ad me wait even longer! I had some super thick hair, I guess. Anyway, I got to start at a brand new school with all new people. They affectionately nicknamed me "Mop Head". I even got a mop from a "friend" for Christmas. Guess it does sorta look like a mop... Here I am playing C-Team volleyball. One reason why I was stuck on C-Team was the fact that I couldn't even get the hitting position right. Check out that funky open-forearm pose.

So now we'll fast forward to my Senior Year and my high school sweetheart, Jamie. Well, I guess he was only like the half-way through the end of the last year of high school sweetheart...but he's the one I started my "new life" with...and he's been my husband for 12 years now! I remember being so humiliated with this picture because it shows just a sliver of my tummy...and I felt SO Fat. Ugh...if only I could be so fat again!

This black and white was one of my Senior pictures and probably my favorite. I was posing in front of t
he college I had been accepted at, Eastern Oregon University. I felt so "Love Story"-ish that day. Well, except for the fact that there was no Ryan O'Neal and I wasn't dying...but, you know...the college thing. Ok...

Here's Jamie and I on graduation day. Our class was right around 200 people and it was no coincidence that we got to walk together. It was the result of me sneaking back quite a few rows after the teachers h
ad so painstakingly lined us up by height. I'm sorry, but I wasn't about to let my fiance walk someone else down the graduation aisle! Yes, that is a National Honor Society collar you see on my gown! No, I did not earn it.

My SAT scores in English were perfect (yes, they really were perfect) but my math scores placed me at fourth grade level. However, since my SAT scores were perfect in English, and English was my major, AND my Advanced Placement English teacher was also head of the National Honor Society...well, you know, some strings were pulled there. I also got away with skipping a couple of PE credits and a Science credit. I
still have nightmares. I'm not kidding...maybe we need to do a meme on bad dreams sometime. Moving on...

I have to include this picture with friends...otherwise, you'll all think I just hung out with Jamie all the time. It's probably hard for my three and a half current friends to believe that I ever had a large group of friends or enjoyed being the center of attention. But yeah, I was social once. Upon a time. Anyway, this is Renae, Sally, Angela and me. We were all in Swing Choir together and have lots of great memories of trips for competitions, etc. This picture was taken the night of my graduation. Renae graduated that year also. Angela was a junior and Sally was a freshman.

Here's me in a different school setting. Notice I'm considerably older than my classmates. I taught kindergarten for two years at a Christian school...this
was year one.

Don't I look so "teacher-ish"?? The
kids here are Daniel, Logan, Deanna, and Britni. They're all driving now.

So here's my most recent school experience...I now homeschool my own kids. Here are Lynzie, Elisha, Michael, Selah and Cainan posing with their toilet-paper-Revolutionary-War people. I did not come up with this idea...they saved tp rolls for a really long time so they could make these! That's LaFayette there in the white.

I hope you enjoyed these silly pictures from my school days. Please link up and join us for What's Your Answer Wednesday!


  1. LOVED THIS!! Awesome, and I so should have done better with mine. :) Congrats on a great meme. :)

  2. Really am getting to know you and your family through your blog Sarah!
    And talking about 'Love Story' brought back precious memories to me. :)



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