Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Things We Remember: Pink Saturday

Today is Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound. One can't help but be put into a better mood after reading through some of these happy PINK blogs! I've linked up with this party as a challenge to myself to find (or acquire!) pink things. My morphing from tomboy to ladylike lady has been slow and pink is a newly acquired taste!

Yesterday, while getting ready to go shop yard sales of all things, I decided to spritz on some of my "spendy perfume". A few years ago, my Mom took me on a shopping spree and bought me several really nice things. One was this PINK bottle of Gucci Envy Me perfume. I only wear it on super special occasions or when I look especially gorgeous! Yard Sales are special occasions, right? Ha!

Anyway, when I got into the car my 10-year-old daughter went on and on about how she loved the smell of my perfume and how it reminded her of Christmas and... She told me all the things that the smell reminded her of---all happy memories of me. This, on one hand, makes me want to wear it more often---since she likes it so much. On the other hand, I think I'll stick to every now and then---I want her to keep those special memories, rather than allow them to wear out their welcome too fast!

I got to thinking last night about some of my early memories of my Mom. Here are just a few things---

As long as I can remember, her favorite color has always been purple. She had a green handled nail file that she always kept on the coffee table in the living room, along with a white flowered candy dish and a larger blue Carnival Glass covered pedestal dish. (By the way, Mom, I found this in an antique store last week...didn't buy it but can go back for it if you want it!) I remember sitting on her lap in the truck, late at night after a fishing trip, and playing Pac-Man with the window roller-downer thing and the lock button. This game was fine as long as I didn't touch the door handle! Several scents remind me of my Mom: Enjoli, Lady Stetson, Charlie, Wind Song, lavender, cinnamon rolls. My mom likes to watch Looney Tunes cartoons and she used to sell Avon.

When I was little, she liked to watch Dynasty and General Hospital and the Ogilvie lady always reminded me of her...Victoria something. When I was in grade school, she tried to make every class party---bringing cupcakes, cookies, or other pretty treats that she had worked so hard on the night before. I remember orange frosted pumpkin cookies with candy corn eyes and green frosted stems on Halloween. Red Hots were a key ingredient for Valentine's Day. She even showed up to one party dressed as a clown---I acted mortified, but inside I was so proud!

I think of my Mom when I hear Olivia Newton-John's Let's Get Physical, as well as the Beatles or the Eagles. My mom makes the best fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and buttered corn. When I was little, I loved to watch her put on her makeup but she'd always kick me out of the bathroom---she still would! Two things that can always be found in my Mom's makeup drawer are Maybelline mascara---the pink one with the green lid---and the black eyeliner pencil that is painted red with the red lid.

The more I write, the more I think of so I'll stop for now! What are some of your memories of your mother---or another special woman in your life? It seems a lot of young girls dread the day that they become their mother. Not me. I've been praying to be more like her since I was a really little girl! It makes me proud to see the ways in which I've become more and more like her in looks and personality.

Happy Pink Saturday to all my readers---but especially to Mom!


  1. How I missed my Mom when I read your post today! I remebered precious times and would give anything to just spend one day with her again. In my old autograph book a primary school friend wrote:
    'Love your Mother while you may
    Because the world is quite a different place
    the day she is taken away'

    I now too understand what this means after her passing a few years ago.

    My Mom gave me a love for reading and writing and I think she would have been fascinated with our blogging and facebook communities today.

  2. That was a really touching resonse, Theresa. Thank you! :)

  3. My mom's been gone since '94. Hug your mom all you can while you have her. The time slips through your fingers no matter how tight the grip.
    Lovely post-
    Hugs, Tete

  4. Thanks so much for coming to visit me on my first Pink Saturday! I already feel soooo welcome. I absolutely loved your post. I loved that your daughter noticed your perfume and went on and on about it and how it incited memories for her.

    Obviously my children are verrrry aware that purple is my favorite color. I too was a tom boy and have loved getting in touch with my femininity!

    I lost my mother when I was 33 and I have missed her a lot. I remember she smelled like the Avon lotion!

    Thanks for the sweet trip down memory lane. I will have to try Envy if it evokes that kind of a response!

  5. What a beautiful post! I spend alot of time with my mother, we have alot of fun together, going to sales, auctions and things like that! My Dad passed away when I was 15 so I do believe you should spend as much time with them as you can while thier here. I wanted to thank you for coming by to visit today and for your sweet comment, hope you'll visit again soon! Happy pink Saturday... Blessings~~~ Daphne

  6. what lovely memories you are creating!
    Happy Pink!

  7. Hi Sarah
    What a lovely tribute to your mum.. very sweet!.. Well my mum died when I was 13... but my memories of her are very vivid.. she was a major influence in my life... she was a strong independent woman who was a great friend and mother to her children... She taught us all to take care of ourselves.. Even my brothers could sew and cook as teenagers.. perhaps a little prophetic!!

    And of course I love the photos of her youth... as you saw..

    Have a wonderful weekend. xx Julie

  8. Sarah, what a beautiful post -- and tribute to your mother. Actually, it's a HUGE tribute to you, too, for what a fantastic and observant daughter and mother you are! I'll turn 50 soon, and my mother will turn 69. I'm very fortunate to still have her to talk to even though we live several states apart. She's an inspiration to me. (Her fav perfume is Chantilly!)

    I'm glad you found my blog so I could find yours! And I'm glad my pink candle post provided a teachable moment for you and your daughter. Can't wait to read your post next week!

  9. Happy PS-fun to read your story. It's my first PS and glad to meet you!

  10. Wonderful mom memories. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading them.


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