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Vintage Hats...Score! Vintage Thingie Thursday

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Today is Vintage Thingie Thursday at Coloradolady's blog. Take some time to visit some of the other participants for a look at some great vintage finds! Maybe you'd even consider playing on your blog...it's amazing what you've got around your house that is vintage! Besides, vintage is relative...my Annie doll from 1984 is vintage to me---but many participants feel like 1984 was just last week! Enjoy!

A couple of months ago, I was out shopping yard sales when I came across this box of vintage hats. I was more interested in the hat box than the hats but I figured my girls would have fun playing dress up and I could use the neat box to store pictures or something! I asked what she wanted for it and she asked if $5 for the whole thing was too high. Ha Ha Ha Ha...um..no. So I had myself some hats!

Lynzie, 10, has already enjoyed wearing the white flowered spring bonnet to church on several occasions. It's her favorite church hat! I asked her to model them all for me...
well, all except the one I gave to Selah, 4.

Here's Lynzie's favorite. This
spring bonnet was made by a fellow Washingtonian...I don't know how long ago. The tag inside says, "Hats by Lee Helmick" and gives an address in Westport, Washington. It is made out of some kind of plastic straw---feels like grocery store bags. There are multi-colored flowers all around it and it has a white tie for under the neck. She looks adorable in it!

Next up is the Scarlet O'Hara hat. I don't think this one is very old....maybe 20 years but I doubt it. It's got a VERY large brim and a cream colored ribbon.

This next creation
is sort of turban-ish. It's a plastic-coated wire frame with tulle wrapped all around it. A big yellow flower is attached to the front (I'm assuming we've got this on right?) Lynzie's not sure but thinks it might be a little gaudy for her tastes. She's keeping it anyway though, just in case!

The fourth hat is my favorite bu
t my hair is too thick for it to look right. Lynzie, whose hair is thicker but head is smaller, wears it just right.

The inside of this one says "Doeskin Felt, 100% wool, Geo. W. Bollmans & Co., Inc., Made in U.S.A." I love how it ties under her neck and just looks so...I don't kn
ow...sorta like Miss Grace in the movie Annie.

Lynzie's last hat sorta brings out her artsy side. This is a modern reproduction o
f a 1920s-30s look. It's a black, crushed velvet hat that she likes to wear sorta sideways.

Now we get to my favorite part, the box! I think this is just the cutest thing. The bottom of the box is black and the sides of the top half are black and white stripes. Here is the picture on the top of the box.

I'm assuming it's just a generic sort of box that any hat-seller would use but I think it's just adorable.

Lastly, we've got Selah modeling her adorable little hat. This one was so small that she's the only one of u
s three

who could wear it. I think it's a pretty cute little look for her!

I like how the inside of it is lined so prettily.

I hope you enjoyed these lovely ladies and their pretty little hats today! Make sure and visit other vintage thingies at Vintage Thingie Thursday!

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  1. Cute hats for the girls, and the box is a treasure for you.

  2. This is a great day for vintage hats. I love the way you shared them. Those children are adorable and look so cute in the hats. You do not see ladies wearing hats much anymore.

  3. The box and hats are both cute.

  4. What a find! LOVE the hats & the box is definitely a treaure...your girls are adorable hat models :-)

  5. cute hats and even cuter models!

  6. They look cute in the hats, and I love the box. :)

  7. I love old hats and what a bargain!


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