Monday, October 21, 2013

Am I Doing Enough? The Mixed-Up Priorities of the Average Homemaker

So I'm saved...so what?

Think I'm being flippant? No, just honest. How many of us have asked this question once or twice?

For me, it started out as an honest inquiry: since I'd given my life to Jesus, I wanted to know the next step in the Christian walk. A couple years later, I was wondering what real ministry God had locked away for me in his Super Secret True Calling vault.

Nowadays, I'm well past the honeymoon phase where I'm constantly surfing the waves of baby Christian emotion. I've also worked through my "true purpose" issues since discovering my husband and nine kids were given to me for a reason.

I think I'm now in the stage they call the day-to-day grind. I'm in the trenches...apparently.

Yet, after 15 years of walking with Jesus on a daily basis, I sometimes still find myself asking the question: is there something more?

Now don't get me wrong, this is not a wistful wishing sort of wondering question. I'm not saying, there MUST be more. I'm so thrilled and blessed with the life I have, I can't imagine anything more important and fulfilling for myself than what I'm doing right now.

It's more of an, "am I doing enough?" sort of question. Because, believe it or not, even grounded and mature Christians, even happy and loved wives, even mothers with NINE children, can buy into the lie that says, you're not doing enough.

In fact, just the other night I was telling God how I really don't feel compelled to do anything more than I'm doing already. The responsibilities of home and family are pretty much all I think I can handle right now.

Of course, there was the usual blabbering on about him showing me his will and blah-de-blah. Then, all of a sudden, WHAM! An answer.

"He has shown you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?" ~Micah 6:8

Do Justly: Treat one another with fairness, be honest, walk in integrity, don't gossip, give one another the benefit of the doubt

Love Mercy: have compassion for one another, put yourself in another's place, think before you speak/act/condemn

Walk Humbly: don't put on airs, listen more than you speak, be who you really are, give all you can

We spend way too much time trying to figure out if we're in the right ministry, if we should take on that one. more. thing. We completely miss the essential character traits that are a million times more important to God than any good works could be.

Anyone with ears, let her hear: just because it's good to do, doesn't mean it's good for you to do.

More on this: Stop the Glorification of Busy


  1. You have lots of wisdom for such a young woman!

  2. I completely agree with this. I always cringe when I hear young moms like myself talking about how they want to do more, to get into ministry, to really serve. I am tempted to think the same sometimes. I am thankful for you and other encourages who keep us focused, reminding us that what we do is a great ministry!

  3. Really loved this post. I'm in the same place...I used to really fret about God' will for me...not any more. This was just perfectly stated

  4. I'm sharing this in a couple different places because it is so awesome.

    I think there is another side to this coin where in our world of constant sharing the moment we see another person doing something we assume we need to do it too or worse, assume they think badly of us for not doing it.
    When I talk about homeschooling with my non-homeschooling friends (because I am excited about it) there is always a little bit of pushback as if they assume that since I think homeschooling is better for me I'm judging them for their alternate choices. Honestly, though, I have no idea what goes on in each family or what is best for kids other than my own. I just know what God has put into my heart for my kids.

  5. I hope a lot of women read this, and learn to focus on what God specifically asks each individual one to do. And forget all the other "pressures".

  6. AMEN!

    Hopped on over here from Winsome Wednesday, and I'm so glad I did. You have spoken true wisdom here. Yes, I have also got caught up in the nebulous search for my *true calling* - only to be disappointed that I couldn't find it, or that at my age it had passed me by. Lies of the enemy, in my opinion.

    You have found the perfect Scripture to sum up what God truly wants of us. I might just add that we are to love one another as ourselves, and that He seeks to make us look more and more like His Son.

    That can happen anywhere, anytime.


  7. So simple and yet it really makes me stop and think. I am constantly feeling the need to do more and all it does is bring on unnecessary stress. Definitely a sign that I need to shift my focus. Thank you for sharing your heart and the Word in such an encouraging way.


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