Monday, October 14, 2013

General Cat O'Neill's Favorite Cat Food #shop #ShebaCat #cbias

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Our cat, O'Neill, doesn't show his emotions much, but I'll bet he's just thrilled with the costume we gave him this morning. On second thought, I think he's pretty embarrassed with his outfit; but, he is thrilled about his Sheba cat food treats I bought him!

We live just a few blocks from our city's main downtown area---a place that gets lots of traffic on Halloween. Local businesses stay open later that evening to provide a safe place for little kids to show off their costumes and snag some great candy. This year, I imagined O'Neill sitting out on the porch, watching the kids go by, and wishing he had his own great costume. 

I felt sort of sorry for the poor guy so I thought I'd make him something that would show off his personality. O'Neill is named for our favorite Stargate SG-1 character, Brigadier General Jack O'Neill. Like his namesake, our O'Neill is a strong and fierce warrior and is brave in the face of danger.

While I was at Walmart, grabbing him a few tasty treats, I picked up a child-sized camo t-shirt to make him a fitting costume. I just cut off the arms and slid his front paws through the holes. The rest of the shirt was just long enough to cover his body, and I made a little do-rag with part of a sleeve.

One way we help keep O'Neill in great shape is by making sure he's got lots of tasty MREs on hand. This week, Walmart has Sheba cat food on rollback for 50 cents each and you can even find a coupon on Sheba's website! I used mine to buy 6 and get 1 free. One thing I like about the way these cans are designed is the easy-to-open tab on top. This makes it simple for my kids to feed him without help.

O'Neill thinks the varieties with gravy are the best and I appreciate the affordable price Walmart offers for this high-quality brand. He's enjoyed every flavor he's tried and, at less than a dollar a can, I love to treat him often. He's a full-grown cat, so the serving size is just the right amount to give him in the afternoon. He's always polite to leave his empty can on the porch when he's done.

Ok, so I don't think he's interested in wearing this camo uniform and do-rag on a regular basis---but I think he'll agree his reward was worth a few minutes of humiliation!

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  1. You made me laugh out loud! Anyone who knows O'Neil, knows how funny this is! Good job!

  2. O'Neill is definitely a beautiful cat, and that camo outfit totally suits him. LOL! #client

  3. Sarah, this is such a cute post. My great grandson would love it. He loves pets and cameo.

  4. What a smart idea of making a quick costume out of a tshirt ;) #client


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