Friday, October 18, 2013

No-Mess Crafting with PomTree #PomTreeKids

When I was asked to do a craft tutorial using mess-free PomTree Kids craft kits, I jumped in right away. A craft day at our house can get out of control fast and the clean up often takes longer than the project! PomTree playsets come with paper, foam, and felt stickers so children can customize their creative project in their own way---without the mess of glue.

Look at all the great goodies we were sent for the PomTree Kids campaign! How exciting! I was given these products for free to use in a campaign for PomTree Kids and Blueprint Social. All opinions are honest and are my own.

 We decided to make the Creamery Playset and the Treat Truck Playset. Since these two seem to go together with a frozen treats theme, we thought they'd be fun for our first go round.

We began by splitting the kids into teams and reading through the instructions included in the box. Because the playsets fit together like puzzle pieces, kids can practice problem-solving by figuring out the best way to assemble them. This is great for our Lego-loving kids.

PomTree states that adult assembly is required---and I agree. The instructions basically say to look at the picture and figure it out for yourself. The problem with this is that the pieces don't always lock together how they should, or the sticky backs are not strong enough to hold things like the hanging window box on the Creamery in place. This was frustrating for some of my older kids, so I helped when needed.

Next we punched out all the cardboard and foam pieces. There were no scissors required and everything punched out easily. I was impressed by the initial sturdiness of the pieces.

Once we assembled the cardboard and foam pieces, (all are interlocking---remember, no glue required!),we began decorating. This was the most fun part for the kids as this was where they really got to use their imaginations to customize the pieces. The boys decided to display one of each kind of treat on both sides of their truck so customers can see all of their options.

The boys thought it would have been fun for the set to come with a stand up cow character so they could walk him around to hand out treats. Since it didn't, they decided they'd use Lego figures as the characters for their ice cream game.

 The girls' playset was supposed to come with two character girls, but they were not included in the box. Luckily, the boys said they could be in on their Lego game as well. (After contacting PomTree, I received a very prompt reply and apology, and our replacement set is on it's way!) All in all, it was another fun crafty day at the Coller house.  Thanks, PomTree!

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  1. This looks so fun...I would love to win a set for the grandkids! Good Christmas gift idea too!

  2. Well, I'm in love with both the Feathered Friends Post Office and the Twinkle Top Treehouse. :)


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