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Feelin' Tulip! Totally Tulip! Techniques for Creating a Splatter Paint Team Shirt

When I was about nine years old, waaayy back in 1988, I absolutely loved to use puffy paints to create "gorgeous" pieces of designer apparel!  My Dad's white t-shirts weren't safe at all if I'd happened to have received some extra spending money to buy a couple bottles of my favorite neon colors---or if someone wonderful had gifted me some for my birthday. Today, my daughters also love to make their own creations using Tulip Soft and 3D Paints.

I can remember squeezing every last drop of paint from bottles just like this:

An almost empty bottle made the best splatter paint projector!

Here's an example of one of my bodacious 9-year-old creations:

Never mind that it was a t-shirt for my little brother---hot pink was great on dudes and dudettes alike in 1988!  (Thanks to my little Liam for modeling the duds).

This week I had the opportunity to play around with a whole box of Tulip products!  Check out some of these nostalgic images and tips from Tulip's Blog.  Thanks so much to Tulip for sending me these great paints and stencils to review.  All opinions are honest and are my own.

For me, the 80s were all about fitting in.  Since my kids are homeschooled, I'm not really sure if kids these days still deal with "cliques", but when I was in grade school, there were the "Preppies", "Jocks", "Nerds"---and then all the other nice kids who didn't really fit into one of those three categories.  (Isn't that horrible??)  My goal was to fit in with the Preppies. I never really made it because I couldn't give up certain things:  hot pink Spandex pants, sideways ponytails with ratted-up curly bangs, and New Kids on the Block.  (Yes, in the early days we actually said the whole thing. Once they became NKOTB, I'd sort of outgrown them.  Sort of.)

One thing that distinguished a Preppie from the other groups was ownership of a "team shirt"---one of those that had some random college name on it in blocky, sporty-looking letters.  It didn't matter that we had no idea where this college even was---let alone what the letters stood for (it's just yesterday that I figured out UNLV was the University of Nevada Las Vegas and not "Un Love").  What mattered was that a shirt like this meant we were in with a crowd---even if that crowd was three states over and didn't know we existed.

When Tulip sent me a set of those exact same blocky letter stencils that I remembered, I knew immediately what I was going to make! (Too bad I didn't have those 25 years ago---my ticket to Preppiness would have been much cheaper to come by).  My daughter Lynzie, a very artsy and individualistic teenager, was thrilled to have the chance to experience an updated version of Mom's old fashions!

I started out by buying her an oversized men's t-shirt.  Very important---had to be a men's one like my Dad used to wear.  I placed a piece of cardboard underneath to give me a firmer, flat surface to work on, since I'd be using a paint brush for the first part of the project.  Even though we have no plans to send her off to a public college, I tried to imagine what a university for Lynzie would be called.  I thought, Artsy Univ. was fitting!  I used Tulip Fabric Stencils and a paint brush to paint the words onto the shirt with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Ebony.  I let a little get on the shirt around the edges of the stencil to make sort of a "stamped" look.  I also let the letters sort of jump up and down a little for that "quirky" feel---it's an artsy thing!

Next came the super fun part---splatter painting with Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints (otherwise known as "Puffy Paint"!)  I started out making a few "paint blasts".  This technique is done with a toothpick.  Just put a drop of paint in the right spot (I did about the size of a popcorn kernel or bigger for mine) and use a toothpick to pull out the splatter marks in different directions.

Next I started squirting random splatter marks all over.  If you start out making the longer lines and swirls, you'll use up some of the paint and leave room for the next technique:  the "airy splatter".  Once your bottle is emptied a little, tap it on the table until the paint runs back down.  Then hold it sideways and squeeze it in short bursts.  Tiny droplets of paint will come out, along with a bunch of air, and you'll get that, I-just-got-flicked-with-paint look.

A third technique you can do with the Dimensional Fabric Paint is the "marker scribble".  Hold your paint nozzle flush with the fabric with no space between.  Lightly squeeze as you make your design.  You'll get just enough paint to "draw" with, without having the paint actually puff up.

Once you've finished your creation, let it dry for approximately four hours.  It will be wash ready in 72 hours.

Make sure and visit the blogs below for more awesome projects inspired by 80s styles.  Whether you're feeling nostalgic or wanting a 21st Century look, Tulip has a great assortment of products to help you achieve the perfect style!

Are you ready for some great summer tie dye tips, as well as a giveaway from Tulip?  Check out their Tie Dye Your Summer campaign and enter to win some great products!

Want to learn more about Tulip's Totally Tubular products?  Visit them here:

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  1. so fun!! Your shirt turned out adorable!

  2. So fun!! Kids love making shirts like that!! We made tie-dye but then that was the 70s not the 80s, LOL!!

    Thanks for sharing your review of Tulip Paints over at WholeHearted Wednesdays this past week.


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